The W Hotel Offers #TBT & #FBF, Giving Opportunity to Relive Sex on the Beach and Kamikaze Shots

Drinking a Sex on the Beach while Guns n’ Roses’ “Paradise City” played in the background last week, I was reminded that some cocktails are best left in the past. It was especially hard to appreciate the ridiculously fruity concoction, knowing there was something as tantalizing as a tamarind tequila drink on the other cocktail menu, if at twice the price.

But I was at the W Hotel’s upstairs bar to check out its new #TBT or #FBF (for those blissfully unaware of Instagram and Facebook, these hashtags encourage people to post old photos of themselves in a reference to “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday”) where a DJ spins your favorite tunes from Jane’s Addiction, Blondie and even Toto. (Really? “Let’s listen to Toto!” is a phrase I can’t ever recall hearing.) The W's menu offers drinks and bar bites from that era as well, with prices to match — kinda.

It's printed within a CD jewel case, and offers all those cocktails that you might have liked before you grew up and developed this thing called taste: piña coladas, Long Island ice teas, and kamikaze shots. But even if you’re one of those overly-nostalgic people who long for the days before mixologists and artisan shrubs, do you really want to drink these things now?

[jump] They range in price from $7-$8 dollars, and shots are $5, so there’s that; they are so much easier on the wallet than the drinks on the regular cocktail menu, which average about $15 a pop.

As for the #TBT food menu, we were a bit confused. There were jalapeño poppers with ranch dressing, a pepperoni pizza, onion rings with BBQ sauce, a cheeseburger, and a green bean and mushroom tater tot casserole with fried onions. We cheated and got the ahi poke salad off the non-#TBT menu, which was delicious, if a bit over-seasoned, but the casserole left us stymied. Of course it was aiming to be a variation on the green bean casserole with Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, and if we were drunk and stoned, we would have scarfed it down in its entirety, but we were neither. We would have preferred more green beans, as the heavy sauce made for super soggy tots, when crispiness is kind of the point.

The burger was cooked perfectly, and had wonderful house-made pickles and a dill aioli, making it way better than your average burger, but at $19, we were wondering where the #TBT prices went. 

#TBT and #FBF, Thursday and Fridays, 8 p.m., at the W Hotel’s upstairs bar,181 Third St.


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