The Window @ Coffee Bar Announces a Month's Worth of Popups

Last month, SFoodie mentioned that Coffee Bar was looking for popup vendors who wanted to sell food out of a window on the site of its forthcoming cafe. According to Nathan Downs, events coordinator for Coffee Bar, the Window's March schedule is now posted online — and it looks packed.


Starting next Wednesday, March 19, the Window will be hosting nine different vendors, who range from the familiar to the unknown. Soup Junkie, who's been making a name for himself at Vinyl Wine Bar, will make the most frequent appearances, serving lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Popup veterans Good Foods Catering will show up several times a week, and Seoul Patch, Jablow's Meats, and Sweet Jo's Chile and Biscuits are all taking on shifts. One of the newest vendors to appear is Maite Catering, who will be serving Colombian-inspired tapas on two successive Friday nights. 
And if you can't remember to keep the calendar bookmarked in your browser, you can simply follow The Window's Twitter feed.

The Window @ Coffee Bar: 1599 Howard (at 12th St.).

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