There's A New Filipino Taco Truck in Town. Meet Senor Sisig

Last Saturday's Bay Area Derby Girls throwdown at Fort Mason Pavilion saw more than S.F.'s ShEvil Dead kick ass on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells. It also unleashed Senor Sisig, a Filipino taco truck making its soft-open debut.

S.F. native Evan Kidera, 27, launched the truck with high school buddy Gil Payumo, 29, a CCA graduate currently cooking at the Marriott. Senor Sisig is a couple of years in the making, says Kidera, who ― like a lot of aspiring truck vendors ― caught fire from L.A.'s Kogi. “I thought, This was amazing, but I didn't really want to do Korean tacos,” says Kidera, who's Japanese American. “I thought, What else can I do?” The answer: Filipino.

Kidera enlisted Payumo, who is Filipino. They acquired a second-hand taco truck at the beginning of the year (gotta love Craigslist), replaced the vending windows, had it painted and decaled. Unlike Hapa SF, which does contemporary versions of Filipino dishes, Senor Sisig skews street food: tacos, burritos, nachos, and rice plates, all starring sisig. Well, some heavily adapted version of sisig, a dish traditionally made of fried-up boiled bits from a pig's head.

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