Three St. Patrick’s Day Treats That Don’t Suck

Boozy cupcakes from Mission bakery Kahnfections, a Reuben from 4505 Meats, and a downtown "bar stroll" with elegant cocktails and bar snacks.

We’re always a little hesitant about St. Patrick’s Day around here. It’s a little, um, tasteless. Kinda like SantaCon with a different color scheme and people throwing around references to “Irish car bombs” without realizing that a lot of innocent individuals died from those. But we’re also a little impatient with people who live to dump on other people’s good times, so we were pleased to see that Mission bakery Kahnfections had done something better than green-beer-and-green-bagels.

What we’re talking about are boozy pastries. Until they run out on Saturday, you can get macarons flavored with either Irish whiskey or Bailey’s buttercream ($2 each), an Irish whiskey bread pudding ($3.50), Irish soda bread (hardly the bone-dry crumbly kind, and $3.50 for an individual serving or $6 for a boule), Irish whiskey truffles ($1), and Irish whiskey cupcakes ($1.75). Made with Guinness stout, they’re filled with an Irish-whiskey ganache and topped with a bit of green Bailey’s buttercream. Founder Judy Kahn is a Tante Marie graduate, so you know these are serious business.
Kahnfections, 3321 20th St.,

4505’s St. Patrick’s Day Reuben (4505 Meats)

Then, on Saturday only, 4505 Burgers & BBQ has a special $11.95 reuben made with smoked pastrami, gruyere, a house-made sauerkraut and a secret sauce on toasted Wise Sons rye. You might as well go out and get toasted the night before, because this puppy sounds like a bit of a cure-all. (It’s available in the restaurant all day, and via Caviar in the East Bay from 5 to 9 p.m.)
4505 Burgers & BBQ, 705 Divisadero St.,

Finally, while everyone you know is flocking to O’McShaughnagillicuddy’s to yell at a golf, all three downtown hotels that start with Z are throwing a comparatively elegant “bar stroll.” Dirty Habit (inside the Hotel Zelos, 12 Fourth St.) has a “Lucky Charm” (Jameson, sweet vermouth, orange preserves, and an Earl Grey tincture, $15) along with a Guinness-and-Jameson boilermaker ($13) and a corned beef hash croquette ($12). A few blocks up, the Hotel Zeppelin‘s Rambler (545 Post St.) has a  “A Sheet in the Wind” (Irish Whisky, Bruto Americano, Combier, citrus, and tobacco bitters, plus savory, $10) plus a $5 Guinness-and-Jameson and $9 potato bites. Back down across Market Street, the S&R Lounge inside the 
Hotel Zetta (55 Fifth St.) has a $14 “Reformation” cocktail and corned beef sliders for $15. What green beer, Brigid?



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