Thursday Eight: San Francisco Gets the Evil Eye

Plus DJ Jazzy Jeff spins a pool party at the Phoenix this Sunday, the Little Saigon Larkin Street Festival is June 4, and a frog species with a literary history gets re-introduced to Yosemite National Park.

[jump] Evil Eye Opens a Week From Today
Those with retinal corruption or malevolent pupil syndrome will be excited by the launch of Evil Eye, a new bar-restaurant in a “vintage living room setting” at 2937 Mission operated by husband-and-wife team Matt and Piper Norris, who've done their time at places like Soluna, 50 Mason, and Catch. The guiding design principle was to go back to the 1970s, so expect pinball machines in lieu of living walls. And there will be punch bowls!

The Little Saigon Larkin Street Festival Will Have a Banh Mi Eating Contest
Om Saturday, June 4, the first annual Little Saigon Larkin Street Festival will take over Larkin between Ellis and Eddy, featuring something called “zucchini racers,” along with street games, a bounce house, bike repair from the San Francisco Yellow Bike Project, a stage with traditional Vietnamese dances — and a beer garden with something special from Whitechapel Gin Bar. Look for food from Soul Groove, The Chairman, Rusty's Southern and a banh mi eating contest.

Mysterious, Seductive-Sounding Black Cat to Open This Summer
Elsewhere in the Tenderloin, Black Cat — a “restaurant, bar, and entertainment salon” — will open at Eddy and Leavenworth sometime this summer with a 90-bottle wine list and lots of “convex curved alcoves.” For a restaurant that plans to have entertainment, that sounds intriguing. Being chats noirs ourselves, we're always into surreptitious people-watching from a cabaret table, so hey, cool. (This would be at least the third S.F. venue to bear the name, although the last one closed so long ago that the city had a Republican mayor.)

DJ Jazzy Jeff Throws Pool Party at the Phoenix
Remember “Summertime,” the 1991 song by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? The Phoenix Hotel (601 Eddy) will reprise it in spirit Sunday at its Summertime Vibes pool party, featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and Friends. If you wanna go, you'd better move it because the only two ticket categories remaining are $50 and $1,600. Don't move at two miles an hour so everybody sees you.

Poke Craze Continues With Berkeley's #Poki 

Poke really went from zero to 60 this year, and it's coming to Berkeley. #Poki will shortly open for business at 3075 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, which Eater reminds us was formerly the home of a cafe called Mokka. Look for make-your-own bowls of salmon, hamachi, albacore, scallops, or tofu over rice or salad.

Celebrated Jumping Frog Leaps into Yosemite

Some frat bros might have trashed Mt. Shasta, but at least one fabled California wilderness is creeping closer to its pristine state before human contact. The AP reported that the California red-legged frog, which has ben extinct from Yosemite National Park for 40 years and which made Mark Twain famous in his first short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” is set to return, along with a species of turtle that hasn't been seen in the park in decades.

Goat Rescue Farm Overloaded With Rescue Goats
Attention Goatchella fans! Methuen goat farm in Massachusetts needs a hand with all these baby goats, according to the Boston Globe.

The Ramp Trend Is Sowing the Seeds of Its Own Destruction
You know how people's love of quinoa has made it hard for Bolivians to afford their staple crop? Well, ramps, the toast of Appalachia and chefs everywhere, are suffering, too. According to FiveThirtyEight, they're being over-foraged because foraging is pretty much the only way to get them: “Because a seed takes an average of three to seven years to become an edible plant, commercial cultivation is an unlikely endeavor, even if we do figure out the agronomy.”

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