Thursday Eight: The Dorian's Mimosa Experience

Plus Pampalasa closes, Orson's Belly and the newest Ike's open, and your chance to see a watermelon go splat without a mustachioed comic wielding a mallet.

[jump] 21st Amendment Brewery's Annual Watermelon Drop Is Tonight
If you've never seen it before, it's fun. Head over to 563 Second Street around 5 p.m. for 21st Amendment's annual rite, in honor of Hell or High Watermelon IPA.

SoMa Filipino Restaurant Pampalasa Closing
Well, this is too bad. Pampalasa (1261 Folsom) is a charming Filipino restaurant on the ground floor of a sunny Victorian building, and in spite of the neighborhood being designated a Filipino Heritage District, Inside Scoop reports that it'll close this summer. The culprit? High rent. (Surprise!)

The Dorian Creates an Elaborate Mimosa Experience

On Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., you can order a $40 mimosa experience at The Dorian (2001 Chestnut) that includes a bottle of Varichon and three of five juices (orange, grapefruit, cherry, passionfruit, and dragon fruit). The second bottle drops to $30, the third to $25, and the fourth to $20 before starting again at the top. In addition to this clever bottomless-mimosa workaround, The Dorian will host an hour-long Oyster Masters class next Tuesday, May 24, that will teach you how to choose, shuck, and serve oysters properly. Tickets are $50 and include a dozen oysters and a glass of Champagne. 

Orson's Belly Opens Monday in the Central Richmond
Longtime eaters might remember Orson, Elizabeth Falkner's SoMA restaurant and homage of sorts to Orson Welles. (It will soon become Coin-Op Game Room.) It's been gone for five years, so the time is ripe for another tribute to the auteur director. Hoodline reports that as of Monday, May 23, the Richmond will have Orson's Belly (1737 Balboa), a movie poster-filled eatery serving De La Paz Coffee for breakfast and tapas by night.

Ocean Avenue Gets a Gastropub
Across town from Orson's Belly, at another locale named for Balboa, is Ocean Ale House. Eater reports that it's open as of today at 1314 Ocean Avenue near Balboa Park. Look for burgers and beers, wine and live music.

BDK to Become Tratto
BDK, the restaurant inside the Marker Hotel at 501 Geary, was troubled from the beginning last year. Lost contracts and a huge staff exodus plagued it, and now Hoodline reports that it will switch concepts later this year and become Tratto.

Ike's Opens in Berkeley
Inside Scoop reports that the latest Ike's sandwiches is open at 2172 Shattuck, with four sandwiches unique to that location, including the Telegraph (pastrami, ham, cheddar, and Golden Bear Sauce, a gold-hued sweet-and-sour condiment.

China's Toxic Lake That's Filled With Waste From Rare-Earth Mineral Mining
China has huge deposits of cerium and neodymium, rare-earth minerals used in cellphones, headphones, and other gadgets. But it's willing to go farther than many other nations in extracting them from the earth. The BBC posted a photo-essay about the environmental destruction that results.

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