Thursday Five: Belga's Beer-Inspired Cocktails, a Hunger Games Dinner

Plus the St. Regis gets The Grill, Bernal Heights will see some ice cream trucks, and the new trend of hanging out without getting drunk.

[jump] Belga Releases New Beer Cocktails
Yesterday, we mentioned that Belga is throwing a Sausage Fest as part of Beer Week, but it's also releasing five $12 cocktails intended to be consumed “with the beer from which the cocktail was inspired.” You know what that means? Double—fisting! (But elegantly.) There's I Only Have Pine for You (sourced from Berryessa IPA, but made with St. George Terroir Gin, scotch, Gran Classico, Cynar, and grapefruit) and a Jagged Little Pils in the style of a Belgian Pilsner (Old Tom Gin, Genever, Saler's Aperitif, dry vermouth, and yellow Chartreuse). They'll only be available for the tail end of Beer Week, Jan. 25-31. But “Jagged Little Pils” is a serious LOL situation. 

Bernal Heights Will Get Some Ice Cream Soon
At 800 Cortland Ave., there will soon be a company called the San Francisco Cafe and Creamery that will not only have a brick-and-mortar but (accoring to Bernalwood) a fleet of vintage trucks as mobile ice cream stands. Neat! Expect developments in around two months' time.

Ame Becoming The Grill
At the end of February, the St. Regis' Ame will transition into an eight-week pop-up called The Grill. The press release's scant details call for “an approachable bespoke menu.” If you can hazard a guess as to what that means, let me know, but Ame is pretty luxurious so it will probably be pretty fancy.

The Hunger Games Dinner
Here's a cool one. Feastly is organizing a five-course Hunger Games-themed dinner on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at a location in the Mission that will be revealed once your purchase the ticket. Menu items include “Mock” goose liver puff pastry, and Katniss' Groosling Stew (made with minced chicken, wild roots, chives,  sautéed onions, and mushroom broth). 

Booze-less Meetups Are a Thing
Alcohol-free group outings are trending, and even though it involves words like “enlightentainment” and (my personal pet peeve) water shipped halfway around the globe, this sounds like a great idea. According to the New York Times, who trend pieces should always be regarded with extreme skepticism, organizers are aware that dry events can be awfully boring and are working hard to sex them up with juice crawls and organic catered dinners. I'm still getting wasted at Book Club tonight, though.

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