Thursday: Make Lisa Simpson Go Vegan

Plus The Lodge opens, and Calvin Trillin wrote some godawful poetry about Chinese food, and people are all up in that.

[jump] The Lodge Is Softly Open!
The former Rickybobby at 400 Haight St. is now The Lodge, and The Lodge is open for dinner. It's casual, if a bit less overtly deep-fried than its predecessor, with a poutine, a vegan sloppy joe, a Szechuan lamb burger and more.

Morty's Deli Is Back
After a brief brush with the sanitary police and consequent sprucing-up, Hoodline reports that Morty's Deli is back open at 280 Golden Gate as of today. I can't say the name “Morty” without sounding like Morty Seinfeld. You know, “Mawty.”

Fog City Has a New Chef
According to Inside Scoop, Ken Fox (formerly of Gitane and James Syhabout's now-gone Box & Bells) is running the kitchen at Fog City, and will roll out new menu items.

New Cocktails at Hawker Fare
Speaking of James Syhabout, 7×7 reports that the S.F. location of tiki-Thai Hawker Fare (680 Valencia) is rolling out even more cocktails of a tiki nature. Are tiki bars trending harder? Is Hawker Fare feeling some heat from Pagan Idol? The Bali Hai sounds pretty cool, as it includes a “rare spirit known as 'okolehao,' which is made in the remote mountains of Hawaii from Ti root plant and rum.” 

Plans for the Former Lusty Lady Proceed Apace
Hoodline's indefatigable Geri Koeppel reports that plans by April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman (of Tosca Cafe) to do something with the nearby Lusty Lady space at 1033 Kearny are moving forward, and the project should open around the fall of this year. Right now, it's sort of an auxiliary space for back-of-house work for Tosca — which will open for lunch at some point, as well — but if you're worried about that marquee, rest assured it'll remain intact.

Are You a Level 5 Vegan? Do You Pocket-Mulch?
Lisa Simpson has been a vegetarian for … well, she's been 8 years old for a while, but for at least as long as Sir Paul McCartney was still married to Linda. In any case, a petition is circulating to get her to level up and go vegan, and it's got 20,000 signatures already. I hope she won't eat anything that casts a shadow.

Calvin Trillin's Shitty Poetry Gets Him in Trouble
The excruciatingly awful light verse of otherwise intelligent New Yorker food and culture writer Calvin Trillin has gotten him into hot water. Via The Guardian, my former SF Weekly colleague Julia Carrie Wong collected some tweets from Asian-American writers offended by the sheer awfulness of Trillin's prosody as well as by his lazy references to different forms of Chinese cooking. She also contacted the New Yorker, which claimed “'the intention of the poem' was 'to satirize “foodie” culture.'”The racism is kind of undeniable, but this also seems like a case of a too-venerable writer no longer having anyone around to edit him on account of being so very venerable.

Let's Do a Shot
With a lede several decades out of date, the New York Times looks at LIQS, makers of ready-to-pound shots. Dunno, sounds more like a variation on T.G.I. Friday's pre-made Mudslide mix. But this is great: “'Shots are not usually meant to savor or drink or sip,' said Beth Bloom, a food and drink analyst at Mintel. 'Shots are the thing you drink to get to the end — which is drunkenness.' And millennials are shunning the drink-till-you-drop fad, preferring higher-quality drinks in moderation. 'Beer pong is passé,' she said.”

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