Thursday Nine: Humphry Slocombe Hits Whole Foods, Doughnut Dolly Hits S.F.

Plus Blackwater Station throws an homage to staff meals, Fly Bar turns 16 with a party, and some West Virginia legislators get sick after drinking raw milk to celebrate the state's legalization of raw milk.

[jump] Humphry Slocombe (Finally!) Hits Whole Foods
Love Humphry Slocombe but hate the occasional long lines? Tablehopper reports that 38 Whole Foods in Northern California and Nevada will soon carry the famed ice cream, with flavors like Tahitian Vanilla, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, and Honey Graham. In other news, the Harvey Milk and Honey flavor (with honey and graham crackers) has apparently been renamed Milk and Honey, maybe because not everybody knows who he is? (Disclosure once again: I used to work there.) 

Doughnut Dolly No. 3 to Open in Market Square
After expanding from Temescal to Berkeley, Hannah Hoffman (a.k.a the Doughnut Dolly) will open an outpost for her filled-to-order doughnuts in Market Square (a.k.a. the Twitter Building). In spite of tight quarters, Inside Scoop reports that she'll be selling salumi, too. This news kind of warms my heart a little, because getting ahead of the inevitable Dunkin' Deluge is shrewd, but also because this Doughnut Dolly story was the very first thing I ever wrote for SF Weekly.

The Warriors' Fan Van Hits Fifth and Minna Off the Grid Tomorrow, March 11
Dodge some raindrops and check out the Off the Grid at Fifth and Minna streets tomorrow, March 11, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., for the American Express Fan Van, a mini basketball court, and food from Mayo & Mustard, Me So Hungry Too, Lobsta Truck, MoBowl, and Kokio Republic.

Divisadero's Fly Bar Turns 16, Prepares to Change Hands
Owner Matt Sturm met his wife at Fly Bar, but he's selling the Divisadero location (and hanging on to the one on Sutter). According to Hoodline, the new ownership promises not to rock the boat too much, and there will be a 16th anniversary party at the local-mural-filled space at 762 Divis this Friday, March 12, at 8 p.m.

Staff Meal at Blackwater Station
A consistently good staff meal is one reason servers show loyalty to grueling restaurant environments. Rich Table's Jonathan Wu and Bar Tartine's Chris Wolff are joining forces to create the ultimate. Staff Meal, a $59 pop-up at Oakland's Blackwater Station (4901 Telegraph) will include shrimp cocktail (because James Beard insists on it), frito pie churros, an iceberg wedge salad (“the way it should be, none of that hipster stuff”), an a lasagna hamburguesa that “will melt your face off.” Whoa. Tickets for this event on Monday, March 14, 6-10 p.m., are here.

The SF Business Times Acknowledges Two Foodie Entrepreneurs 
In its 40 Under 40 series, the Business Times recognizes Lisa Fetterman for her Nomiku Device (a hardware startup creating immersion circulator sous vide machines) and Anchor Distilling cicerone Alan Kropf.
Ben & Jerry's Has Three New “Core” Flavors
They're not core as in basic, and they probably won't strengthen your core, but along with the wider availability of Humphry Slocombe, Ben & Jerry's has rolled out three new “core” flavors. Unlike the Earth's comparatively flavorless molten iron center, Brownie Batter has a central region consisting of unbaked brownie, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake has cheesecake, and you'll never guess what Coconuts for Caramel has. (Hint: It's not a whole coconut.)

Are $1 Oysters Full of (Figurative, Not Literal) Shit?
If you're a fan of dollar oysters, as I am, this Munchies story might just break your heart a little. But you'll probably be eating dollar oysters again soon enough.

West Virginia Passes Bill Legalizing Raw Milk, Legislators Drink Raw Milk, Legislators Get Sick
Oh, dear. Via Daily Kos.

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