Thursday Nine: The Lunchpad Expands Its Brunch

Plus the Tonga Room adds new cocktails, Big Soda drops $20 mil to fight Prop V, and Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse bar is full of medical abnormalities.

UPDATED: The Lunchpad Has a Killer “Brunchpad Bloody Mary”

The Lunchpad, an afternoon pop-up inside Hayes Valley’s Noir Lounge (581 Hayes), has expanded its brunch menu (served Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m). They switched things up to include things like huevos rancheros, a cheddar jalapeño biscuit, and biscuits and gravy — and there’s a Brunchpad Bloody Mary made with candied bacon.

Big Soda Really Wants to Stop This Soda Tax Trend Like Right Now

Pepsico et al. have plunked down almost $20 million to crush Prop V, San Francisco’s proposed soda tax, after a similar measure in Berkeley caused soda consumption to fall by one-fifth. The Chronicle reports that the $19.3 million spent dwarfs the $10 million record for an S.F. ballot prop, previously a tie between PG&E taking on public power and the soda industry’s expenditure to fight the last soda tax proposal. Remember: We’re talking about raising the cost of a soda by one penny.

Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse Has an Even Cooler Bar than Ours Does

Not to throw shade on Bear & Bull, the bar inside the Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission, but the Brooklyn Alamo’s bar, House of Wax, sounds freaking amazing. The New York Times says it’s full of fetal abnormalities and serial killers, including “a life-size wax model of a woman, physically disfigured by years of wearing a corset, with her inner organs displayed.” Basically, they raided the collection of a 19th-century wax museum in Berlin. No fair!

The Team Behind Spruce Will Open The Saratoga in the TL

Hoodline reports that the Bacchus Management Group (owners of Spruce and Mayfield Bakery & Cafe) will open a sexy-looking two-story bar restaurant called The Saratoga (1008 Larkin) on Nov. 9. There will be an emphasis on old-school liquors, and the downstairs bar will be Art Deco. Exciting!

New Cocktail Menu at the Tonga Room!

Perhaps the absurdly awesome tiki bar Pagan Idol sent a ripple of terror through the management at the Fairmont Hotel (950 Mason) because its even more awesome tiki palace The Tonga Room just put out a fresh cocktail menu, with drinks in the $14-$24 range. One claims to be the juice that gives King Kong his strength.

Dairy and Climate Change in California

KQED gets hip-deep in cow shit, analyzing the difficulties of slashing carbon emissions in California when the state has such an enormous dairy industry. Cows produce an enormous quantity of methane, a much more potent heat-trapper than carbon dioxide, and savvy lobbying on the part of the industry has caused the Air Resources Board not to regulate it even though it’s in the agency’s power to do so.

Desperate, Chipotle Tries to Rebrand Itself

But it just can’t seem to get rid of its pesky E. coli problem, which sickened dozens of people in the Pacific Northwest last year. Salon reports that the company’s losses in the third quarter exceeded those in the second, and that Panera and even Jack in the Box are killing it. To more forward, Chipotle will add dessert, fix its digital ordering system to speed things up, and maybe roll out its first-ever TV commercials.

The NYT on the Costs of Running a Restaurant

With a weird reference to “California’s gold-rush dining scene,” The New York Times compared the costs of the restaurant business in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Some figures stand out, like how food costs can be much higher in New York. (Produce is a culprit, but meats have an even larger differential.)

America’s Oldest Brewery Finds Itself Boycotted

Pennsylvania’s Yuengling Brewery, the oldest in the country, is feeling some heat after its owner, Dick Yuengling, openly supported Donald Trump and gave a tour to the candidate’s son Eric. Beer drinkers are pissed off, says Philly Voice, and have boycotted it en masse. Also, the name “Dick Yuengling” has an even more phallic sound than mine does.

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