Thursday Seven: Noble Ale Works' Dank You For Being a Friend IPA

Plus Gay Pasta Night returns to Precita Park Cafe and The Market implements a Shop While You Drink program.

[jump] Noble Ale Works Has a Beer Called “Dank You For Being a Friend”
Picture it: Anaheim. Noble Ale Works went there, and the label has pictures of the Golden Girls with hops for faces. SRSLY. 

Precita Park Cafe's Third Annual Gay Pasta Night Is Monday, June 20

Each of Executive Chef Richie Wilim's six courses for Gay Pasta Night comes with a beer pairing from Local Brewing Co., including a rainbow beet salad, rainbow pappardelle (with piperade ragout, house-made chorizo, sweet red peppers, tomato, and spinach), and a vanilla bean pound cake. Precita Park Cafe (500 Precita Ave.) will donate 25 percent of all proceeds to Art for AIDS and The Alliance Health Project.

Bistro SF Grill Moving to Noe
Hoodline reports that as of July 1, Bistro SF Grill will move from 2819 California Street in Pacific Heights to a bigger location 1305 Castro Street in Noe Valley, serving largely the same menu of fancy burgers along with wild boar, alligator, and venison.

Lookit the Garden Next to the DMV
Sorta kinda a spiritual replacement to the lost Hayes Valley Farm, this community garden at Oak and Baker streets near the DMV will make you want to get your license renewed. (Maybe.) Hoodline notes that while the city hasn't approved this, it seems to have a fair amount of local support.

Shop While You Drink, at The Market
Gourmet grocery The Market (1355 Market St.) has implemented a #DrinkWhileYouShop program, which means you can carry a $4 glass of beer or house red or white wine while filling your cart with kimchi and  Step outside The Market’s grocery area and enjoy another round at Tapas Bar! The specialty experience is available from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

San Francisco Might Not Pass a Tax on Sugary Sodas, But Philadelphia Just Did
By a 13-4 vote, America's fifth biggest city just levied a 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks. According to ABC, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney estimates that much of $90 million in revenue the city expects to reap in 2017 will go to “prekindergarten, community schools and recreation centers.”

Apparently, Freezing Coffee Beans Might Be a Good Idea
I was always told not to freeze your coffee beans, because the oils and the water content freeze separately and that's bad. But according to The New York Times, some British chemists and coffee experts came to the opposite conclusion, but maybe in a way that's not really do-able at home: “They started at room temperature and went down to that of liquid nitrogen (-321 degrees Fahrenheit). It turned out, the colder the bean, the more uniform particles it produced, and the more even the flavor.”

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