Thursday Six: Bon Appetit Feeds Children Fancy Chocolate, and There is a Device to Remind You to Floss

Also, Bon March
é's beer is out, DOSA is expanding into brunch, and Lucky 13 seems not long for this world.
[jump] Bon Marché's First Beer is Coming
I wrote about this earlier, but last evening I had the chance to sample L'Ouvrier, Bon Marché's debut beer. It's a Biere de Garde, brewed in the winter and stored until summer to serve farmhands in the north of France where grapes aren't frequently cultivated. Next up is Sur Lie, an unfilted pilsner made with French malts and French hops. Brewmaster Rick Higgins is also working on a “Provencal Pale Ale.” When I asked what characterized such a beer, he replied gamely, “I don't know” (meaning “We shall see…”). Currently in various stages of fermentation, they'll be rolling out in the weeks and months to come.
Bon Marché, 1355 Market, 415-802-1700.

DOSA Gets Brunch and a Cart
The restaurant with one of the most consistently beautiful Instagram accounts, South Indian delight DOSA is putting out a new brunch menu on Saturday, No. 7, with items like a sunny side up/over easy uttapam, a lamb keema omelet, egg curry with chapati, an egg poriyal dosa, and brunch cocktails like a the Hibiscus Sparkler. Additionally, DOSA has a new street cart with bright jewels and reflective glass (to be unveiled fully on Nov. 7 as well), although see below for a partial shot).

From energy drinks to coffee to soda to the pure powdered form (which Ohio just banned), caffeine is everywhere. Reveal News (via Salon) made a quick video about why caffeine is such a regulatory mess in the U.S. The companion article is here.

Lucky 13's Ironic Name Can't Save It
In spite of its recently reopened patio, Lucky 13 is set slated for demolition, as Socketsite reports. Because the parcel contains the bar and the adjacent parking lot, its ultimate destiny will be 27 extremely generic-looking condos (down from the original 31), and the speed of development is “rapid.” In other news, 13 is still an unlucky number.

Bon Appetit Fed Fancy Chocolate to Adorable Kids in Halloween Costumes
After the New York Times stole The Bold Italic's idea of having adorable moppets review fancy restaurants, it's apparently open source code now. Bon Appetit made a two-minute video of hipster children (with names like Finn and Cosmo) dressed as witches and Spider-Man, making faces at cacao. “The chocolate is messages from your mouth all the way to your brain,” one says. The boy whose eyes enlarge with horror and plead for the right to spit it out is the cutest, though this seems more like a mean prank than a dig at the 71 percent cacao fetishists among us. What child like bitter foods?

There is a Kickstarter for a device called Flosstime that helps you remember how to floss. If that were sad enough, Tech Crunch reported (with a straight face) on how it works: It “dispenses the right amount of floss when you press a button, lighting up to show a blue smile. When you don’t press the button, and thus don’t floss, for a few days, the Flosstime lights turn orange and go into a frown.” Silicon Valley is getting dangerously close to late-night Flobie commercials.

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