Thursday Six: Outside Lands Announces “Cocktail Magic”

Plus Mister Jiu's switches up the menu, Champagne on ice is apparently all the rage, and a cool 1960s Rice Krispies ad featuring the Rolling Stones.

[jump] Cocktail Magic Adds to Outside Lands' Already-Staggering Food-and-Drink Offerings
It's not related to the GastroMagic stage, either. Cocktail Magic is a craft cocktail tour that's been traveling around the country since March, and it will include five neon-colored bars, a 9-foot-tall “Cocktail King” art installation, and a troupe of illusionists, along with mixologists from Trick Dog, Prizefighter, 15 Romolo, Elixir, Forgery, and other famed S.F. bars. Note: Cocktail Magic is cash-less, so you have to buy Bison Bucks to drink with the pros.

La Rondalla Goes Kaput Again
It was a nice two years, after a seven-year break. Mission Local reports that the family-owned La Rondalla (901 Valencia), which originally opened in 1951, is the latest restaurant on the street to close. A now-gone goodbye note posted to the window read “We are closing – God Bless you. P.S. We Love you all.” If you want to Instagram that delightful red arrow sign, I'd suggest you hop to it.

Changes Afoot to Mister Jiu's Menu
Mister Jiu's (28 Waverly Place) opened some months ago to great fanfare, but Eater reports that it's now time for some tweaks (most of which are expansions). First, the banquet-style menu will now include a three-course, $45 option that lets people pick whatever they want instead of one each from five categories. Second, there will be more dumplings and vegetarian dishes. And third, there will be large-format cocktails. But if you're curious where the stairs near the front entrance go, you'll still have to wait, because details on the banquet hall up top are tbd.

In Praise of the Piscine
Do you like Champagne over ice? Or does it sound like a gross violation of all that is holy? Well, the drink —known as a piscine, or “pool” — is trending right now, and The New York Times takes a look. (Personally, I'm skeptical, but the formula of three large cubes as opposed to crushed ice might work.)

Bumblebees Pollinate Flowers With a Secret Knock of Sorts

This is from last week, but it's so cool. Bumblebees' method of pollinating flowers is called sonication, wherein they vibrate so rapidly they essentially get the flower to douse them in pollen. KQED Science says, “Buzz pollination is an unlikely evolutionary strategy because the plants are banking on bees working extra hard for a modest reward. Despite the risk of being ignored, buzz pollination has popped up in 20,000 flowering plants across a smattering of unrelated species.”

Hey, Here's a Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Ad from the 1960s

Did you know Mick Jagger is about to father his eighth child, at age 73? (A great-grandpa already, Jagger's oldest child is 45 and his current girlfriend is 29. In any case, there might be some Rice Krispies in his future.)

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