Thursday Ten: Umami Burger's Dessert Sliders, A Coffee Dinner at Cassava

Plus Oakland might get a lot more food trucks, the Restaurant at Meadowood's forthcoming casual sister restaurant, why it's so hard for food delivery startups to retain workers, and the training video Snoop Dogg made for Burger King.

[jump] Meadowood's Casual Concept Will Be Called The Charter Oak 
The Restaurant at Meadowood's casual sister will be called The Charter Oak, and it will open in late summer. According to Eater, it won't be nearly as fancy as its progenitor; in fact, “guests will pour their own wine.” There's also going to be a bourbon cart wheeling around the dining room, which sounds glorious. (The Charter Oak is also the big tree on the back of the Connecticut quarter, which fell down in 1856.)

A Coffee Dinner at Cassava
There are plenty of dinners paired with beer or wine, but a coffee dinner is a rare sighting. Cassava's Kris Toliao and Ritual Roasters' Aaron Van Der Groen will team up on Feb. 18 for a $75 four-course dinner that includes venison tartare, lamb two ways with cheeks and belly, and a financier cake, along with a coffee-infused vermouth with amaro, cucumber, and fennel, and an espresso brandy essence with sherry-spiced honey and cream.
Ritual Roasters' Coffee Pairing Dinner, Thursday, Feb. 18, 7:30 p.m., at Cassava, 3519 Balboa,

The Tenderloin Museum Toasts the Gangway
Did you know that The Gangway (841 Larkin) has been a bar since 1910 and a gay bar since 1961? (That's like Mesopotamian times, in terms of LGBT history. The rainbow flag was still sepia!) And since it's probably-almost-definitely closing soon, the Tenderloin Museum wishes it a fond farewell tomorrow evening with a talk at 6:30 p.m. followed by a field trip to the bar. It's sad, and the museum isn't pulling any punches: This is the rare event description that uses the word “commiserate.”
Let's Toast the Gangway, Friday, Feb. 12, 6:30 p.m., free, at the Tenderloin Museum, 398 Eddy,

Umami Burger Rolls Out Dessert Sliders
Starting Valentine's Day, Umami Burger will begin serving salted ice cream dessert sliders with a caramel drizzle on two Larder Bakery chocolate brioche buns, sprinkled with powdered sugar in the shape of a U. They're two for $8 (or  free with any regular burger on Valentine's Day) and available at every Umami Burger. Not very umami-forward, but pretty awesome-sounding.

Oakland Wants Food Trucks
The East Bay Express notes that the relative absence of Off the Grid-style events in Oakland might become a thing of the past now that the city has proposed changes to its food truck permitting structure. EBX's Luke Tsai notes that this is way overdue, coming some 10 years after a pilot program was supposed to be implemented. It's great if you like The Chairman, but Tsai notes that it might be intended to boost the pre-existing food truck ecosystem: “The new policy would also mean that churro carts and taco trucks in Fruitvale would now have a viable way to expand their operations beyond East Oakland.”

Brewcade Turns One!
This Saturday, Feb. 13, Brewcade will celebrate its first birthday with free games, free popcorn, $4 canned beer, and artisanal pop-ups (3-8 p.m.) like $6.50 hot dogs from Let's Be Frank and breakfast beer floats from Shakedown. Note: Frogger gets way easier the more cinnamon toast brunch ice cream you eat.
Brewcade's First Birthday Party, Saturday, Feb. 13, 2-8 p.m., 2200 Market St., or

The Struggle Is Real for Delivery Startups
The New York Times goes long and deep on the difficulties food delivery startups face in retaining workers. Simply put, nobody earns enough to stick around, and the costs are already too high for the companies to turn a profit.  

Greenhouses on the Great Plains?
Grapefruits grow in Florida because it almost never freezes there. But with cichlids and other pests ravaging the subtropical state's citrus groves, growers are re-evaluating the Upper Midwest as a place for the winter crop. Greenhouses have long been too expensive to keep heated in a region with frigid winter nights, but according to NPR, by using geothermal heat, energy costs can drop precipitously.

NASA Has a Partial Solution to Combatting Sea Level Rise

Store more water on land! And NASA thinks it's scientifically feasible.

Burger King Will Start Selling Hot Dogs on Feb. 23, and Got Snoop Dogg to Star in a Training Video
“You know relish ain't nothing but chopped up pickles.”

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