Thursday Twelve: Tom of Finland Coffee, Whole Foods Loves 4/20

Plus One Market brings back The Weekly Beast, Social Kitchen & Brewery's new chef Andrew Greene brings back the Brewmaster Dinners, and Ghirardelli Square has a four-foot Easter bunny this Saturday.

[jump] Tom of Finland Is Now a Coffee
His art was featured on Finnish stamps, and now it's on Robert Paulig Roastery coffee. Although you can only get them (starting April 15) via shipping, there are now a small-batch Tom of Finland beans in four different packaging designs. In some exemplary press release prolixity, we have the following statement: “Dubbed 'BUILT BOLD' and 'HEAVY DUTY,' the coffee’s dark roast flavour is representative of the allure of TOM’s Men; unapologetic, self-aware and boastfully proud.

One Market's Weekly Beast Is Back
One Market's chef Mark Dommen has brought back The Weekly Beast, a meat parade that shows off his whole-animal butchery skills, enabling diners to try unusual dishes, all from local farms. It starts with common things and then gets more baroque: lamb (March 22-26), then veal (March 29 – April 2), and then goat, guinea hen, fore quarter and mule foot pig. If I may tell a real whopper of a lie for just one second, I am also known around these parts as The Weekly Beast.

Triptych Closes in SoMa
Man, I loved drinking bottomless mimosas on that sunny, secluded back patio. But art-filled brunch place Triptych (1155 Folsom) has closed after an 11-year run, according to Tablehopper

The Whole Foods on Haight and Stanyan Is Strongly Pro-4/20
The ever-droll SF Citizen spots a “Happy 4/20!” sign at Whole Foods, tacitly encouraging people to participate in a large, un-permitted event that the city frowns upon most stridently. Mark your calendars, everyone: This year, 4/20 falls on April 20!

Hot Sauce and Panko Reopens in Nob Hill
It wasn't a restaurant when it operated in the Richmond, and it's not a restaurant now. Table-less, take-out-and-delivery-only Hot Sauce and Panko is now open and serving chicken and waffles at 1468 Hyde, Eater reports.

Ghirardelli Square Has a Four-Foot Easter Bunny
This Sunday is a pagan fertility rite that later got co-opted by monotheists, which means that it's also Ghirardelli Square's Easter Festival the day before (Saturday, March 26, noon – 4 p.m.) There's lots of fun stuff for kids, and also a four-foot tall Ghirardelli Chocolate Bunny that CIA Greystone pastry chefs sculpted. Also: Waxman's is open!

Andrew Greene Is the New Chef at Social Kitchen & Brewery
The former executive chef at Troya, Andrew Greene is now running things at Social Kitchen and Brewery (1326 Ninth Ave.). This means the menu will get a touch-up next month, and SK&B will also bring back the monthly Brewmaster Dinners that Rich Higgins started when he was in charge.

Blackbird's Tiki Night Is April 3
The first one was a success, so they're is doing it again. Sunday, April 3 (from 8 p.m. – close) Blackbird with host a Tiki Night with a special one-time-only cocktail menu, guest bartender from Plantation Rum, a DJ, and a Best Hawaiian Shirt contest with a tiki mug as the grand prize. Look for $9-$12 rum drinks like the Samoan Fug Cutter, the Pain Killer, and, of course, a daiquiri.

Caffe Spuntino Opens in North Beach's Former La Boulange

Dead-and-gone La Boulange is starting to feel like a circa-1984 AT&T, the Ma Bell that birthed all the Baby Bells. Or like a fallen redwood tree that sprouts new seedlings. Whatever metaphor you prefer, the newest offshoot, Hoodline reports, is Caffe Spuntino (543 Columbus), an espresso-heavy cafe whose partners also own Michelangelo and Il Casaro (which I really enjoyed).

Two Black Women Get Kicked Out of a Bar in Fresno. Surprise! They're ACLU Lawyers
This infuriating Medium post about some highly questionable and selective practices by a karaoke bar shows that 1950s-style racial discrimination is alive and well in California.

The $15 Minimum Wage Has Qualified for the November Ballot

It got 400,000 signatures, according to Reuters, and now California will be voting on the measure to raise the current $10/hour wage floor by $1 per year through 2021, at which point it will be indexed to inflation. To anyone grumbling about the minimum wage being too high and killing jobs, $15 x 40 hours a week x 52 weeks a year is still an impossibly low $31,200 a year — before taxes and without ever taking a day off. 

Bon Appetit Profiles America's Favorite Restaurant, Which is a Chain
It's Hillstone, the parent company of Houston's. In this fascinating read, Andrew Knowlton rhapsodizes about this alleged underdog, which chefs from Danny Meyer to Christopher Kostow to David Chang adore.

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