Tie One On for the Tamale Lady's Birthday

The Tamale Lady's 58th Birthday

Where: Zeitgeist, 199 Valencia (at Duboce)

When: Tuesday, June 21, 6-10 p.m.

Cost: Free, but buy a few drinks to celebrate

The Rundown: Anyone who frequents the Mission bars is going to run into the Tamale Lady: Virginia Ramos. She's been a bar scene regular long before many bar-goers were legal drinking age. Ramos started selling the tamales 18 years ago to put her kids through college, and has since become a San Francisco late-night staple.

Wheeling her cart of corn-husked tamales (meat and meatless) through the Valencia corridor, bar-goers are never sure where she will show up. But Zeitgeist's beer garden is the place to look if you want one of her warm, homemade tamales at 1 a.m. Here's hoping you don't get kicked out of the festivities!

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