Toast Deli's Sisig Surprise Sandwich Is One Hot Mess (and That's Good)

Even before SFoodie learned of the existence of Toast Deli's Sisig Surprise sandwich from @joanneisafoodie, we could have predicted it it was out there, waiting for us to learn of its existence.

Sisig, a drinking snack created in the 1970s, has become a generational touchstone, the dish that seems to define modern Filipino food in the Bay Area. SFoodie has seen fish, chicken, pork, tofu, and chickboy (chicken-pork) sisig on local menus, not to mention sisig nachos and pizza. We have bought more sisig tacos from food trucks than we can count. If Proctor & Gamble introduced sisig-flavored Pringles, we'd probably buy them, too.

When we walked into the 10-month-old Toast Deli, located in a back corner of the King Plaza shopping center in Daly City, owner Chris Arcilla was hanging out at one of the shop's two booths, minding a herd of kids ranging in age from the squealy to the sullen. One of the older ones took our order for the pork sisig sandwich ($9) and, after the cook had delivered it to him, came out to sit near me, watching “White Chicks” on TV. 

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