Today: Organic Brewers Converge on Ferry Building for Eco Tasting

Between the World Series and Halloween we've got a lot to be excited about 'round here. If you have time between getting your Snooki or The Situation costume together and painting a sign with clever wordplay involving Jonathan Sanchez, take a moment to celebrate our other two favorite loves: booze and everything organic. Indulge in one-stop shopping for both at the Ferry Building today, via CCOF's Fifth Annual Organic Beer and Wine Tasting, 4-8 p.m.

Since 2006, this tasting organized by the California Certified Organic Farmers has shown that pilsners, IPAs, Baltic Porters, and even a beer brewed with yerba maté from MateVeza are best when they're handcrafted (sustainable, too, brewed using all organic ingredients). So reduce your carbon footprint while increasing your beer gut by sampling brews from eight certified organic breweries and 18 organic wineries from California. Seven of the eight breweries package their beers. The eighth, Thirsty Bear, is the organic brewpub located in SOMA. Pick up a growler from the pub, or a sixer of one of the others from a retailer, to lug to that eco-friendly Halloween party you'll be attending. Just avoid bringing New Belgium's Ranger IPA at all costs.

Participating breweries:

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