TONIGHT: A Mexican Pop-Up at Wing Wings, with Richie Nakano

Wing Wings is known for hosting Tuesday night pop-ups with terrific stuff, such as Richie Nakano’s original Hapa Ramen and all the fried Irish things at Gillian Fitzgerald’s Fish & Chips. In that vein, tonight only, Nakano will return to the Lower Haight wingatorium for a Mexican evening of chimichangas, sangria, and a 6.33 layer dip.

[jump] It’s called No Sé (“I dunno”) and it’s happening from 6-10 p.m. — even if, as Nakano freely admits, these things are so six years ago.

There will also be hard-shell tacos (one for $3, two for $5), nachos ($5, or $7 con carne), and Micheladas ($5).
Somebody had better go to this. The alternative could be grim.
I doubt that’s going to happen. As it is, Taco Tuesdays are so much better than Meatloaf Mondays as it is, but now the second-worst day of the week is closing in on Foie Gras Fridays and dimanches du duck à l’Orange. Let’s hope the heat holds, because there’s nothing better than a Michelada on a San Francisco evening when you can wear short sleeves.

No Sé, Tuesday, June 30, 6-10 p.m., at Wings Wings, 422 Haight, 415-834-5001.

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