TONIGHT!: Blackbird Goes Tiki

Call it June Gloom, San Francisco Summer, or Thank-God-it’s-not-90-degrees-and-humid, but residents of the city are getting ready to usher in the official start of the summer season on the 21st by making sure all their sweaters, scarves, and jackets are cleaned and ready. Add having tiki cocktails to that list, because Blackbird Bar is hosting a tiki night this evening starting at 8 p.m. and going until close.

And sure, temperatures are getting pretty high today, but at least it's not humid!

[jump] While San Francisco has a variety of full-time tiki bars, ranging from those offering sickly sweet drinks to those with balanced, knock-you-on-your-ass drinks, few off the latter with drinks for only $10 each. Partnering with distillers The 86 Co., the bartenders at Blackbird have taken the company’s Panama made Cana Brava rum and put together neo-tiki cocktails to showcase the rum’s flavor. Drinks will include the following:

Forbidden Shake: Cana Brava and Diplomatico Reserva rums, Clement Coco, black rice horchata, coconut milk, lime, and salt

Improved Piña Colada: Grilled pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon infused Cana Brava rum, fresh pressed pineapple juice, coconut crème, and coconut milk

Ape Do Good
: Cana Brava rum, fresh banana, Giffard Banane du Brasil, peanut butter, cereal infused almond milk, and burnt sugar

Daiquiri Time Out (DTO)
: Cana Brava rum, lime, and burnt sugar

Samoan Fog Cutter: Lemon, orange juice, orgeat, brandy, gin, Cana Brava rum, and sherry

Ancient Mariner: Lime, grapefruit, simple syrup, Allspice, and Cana Brava rum

Jamoca: Cana Brava rum, lime, coffee syrup, and cold brew coffee

Hurricane Buster
: Cana Brava rum, Calvados, Curacao, guava, and lime

Blackbird Bar, 2124 Market St., 415-503-0630.

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