Tonight: Tacos and Fire Rage at Amnesia

Tonight's the first of a monthly convergence of food and liquor and jams at Amnesia. Bi-Rite butcher and charcutier Morgan Maki comes bearing Tacos and Fire this evening at about 7 p.m., serving up the first part of that equation: a chorizo-like crumble of rough-ground pork and chicken, browned and deglazed with Corona, then mashed up with roasted tomato and the herby kind of salsa verde (one taco for $3, two for $5), all spooned into tortillas. Maki says he has enough for about a hundred tacos. Similar food events are slated for Amnesia on the fourth Thursday of the month. Most other Thursdays, Maki plans to serve bar snacks and other nibbles, starting next week.

Tonight's fire? Maybe that's a reference to the drinks mixed up by Brendan Thomas and Josey Baker. Or no: Maki says the fire refers to the “sweet records” he and friends plan to unleash on Amnesia. By the way, Baker will soon begin offering his home-baked bread Thursdays at Amnesia (he's been selling it weekly at Gravel and Gold). Ask him about it tonight.

Amnesia: 853 Valencia (at Cunningham), 970-0012.

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