Top 10 Fictional Foodies of All Time

Foodies may be a relatively new term, but they have long played a role in our TV, movie, and book enjoyment. From the cookie-loving Marcel Proust and his madeleine-sparked remembrances to Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, food lovin' is all around. Just look at our cartoon friends: Garfield loved lasagna, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craved pizza power, Popeye needed spinach, and Wimpy hoarded multiple burgers. Good as those fictional gluttons were, none made it to our countdown of the top 10 fictional foodies of all time:

10. George Costanza in Seinfeld

Sure, Elaine loved a big salad and made muffin tops more famous than women in too-tight low rider jeans, and Kramer may have liked to shave and lotion up with butter (eliciting turkey fantasies in Newman), but it was George who was Seinfeld's ultimate foodie. He was the double-dipper (no real foodie would be satisfied being limited to one chip and one dip), and he was willing to eat trash, all in the name of an éclair. But George's foodie status was cemented when he aimed to answer the ultimate question: Can you mix life's two greatest pleasures, food and sex, into one? He got away with sex and a pastrami sandwich, then got greedy when he aimed for the trifecta by adding a radio. According to Jerry, “I'll tell you what you did, Caligula, you combined food and sex into one disgusting uncontrollable urge.” We are so proud that he tried.

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