Top 5 YouTube Cooking Shows

ig news in the food world: Food Network exec Bruce Seidel is jumping ship for YouTube's new food channel. Considering that the internet seems like it might be here to stay, it's probably not a terrible idea. While Bruce is most likely pondering YouTube's food channel future, we'd like to humbly (?) suggest a few YouTube stars to take with him to the big time. Bruce, call us — we'll do lunch on you.

5. Nicko's Kitchen
Nicko is a lovely large-and-in-charge Aussie and he's teaching us how to create food, down under-style. He's basically a male version of Guy Fieri — lots of fast, loud talking and catchy theme songs. He's easy to follow, has adorable kids, and that accent. We like! We're telling you, Bruce, this guy could take off.

4. Depression Era Cooking
The original slow cook, 96 year old Clara, tells tales of surviving the great depression on nothing but a tomato plant and a can of beans. She's adorable, sassy, and LIVED THROUGH THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Have some respect! Clara's show is part History Channel, part Food Network, and 100-percent awesome. She even talks about how, during the depression, bootleggers came door to door to convince people to store whiskey in their backyard. Screw Boardwalk Empire, we've got Clara.

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