Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 7: Foam? Really?

They started last night's very exciting “Restaurant Wars” episode by stating that there were only three female cheftestants left. Then they brought out the hot boys. For the Quickfire we had Bourdain at Le Bernardin introducing the Top Chef hopefuls to Justo Thomas, the seafood master, who fillets 700-1,000 pounds of seafood a night. Justo is a god with a knife and a fish, and for the challenge the contestants had to fillet and portion a cod and a fluke in 10 minutes. No biggie, Justo can do it in just 8 minutes.

The girls were on the bottom with Fabio and Angelo, and the top four guys (Richard, Marcel, Tre, and Dale) had the challenge continue when they had to make a dish with the leftover fish carcasses. During the challenge continuation, Richard told the most awesome story about working at McDonald's and making the Filet-O-Fish avant-garde by leaving off the top bun.

Dale took the challenge and immunity with his impressive two dishes: fluke back-fin sashimi with cucumber and fluke liver sauce, and then a bacon dashi with salt-roasted cod collar.

The parade of hotties continued with guest judge Ludo. (Full disclosure: I am one of Ludo's Bitches.) In case you didn't know, Ludo is the king of pop-ups (no, I'm not talking about my girl boner for him), so it was only fitting that he was there for the infamous “Restaurant Wars.”

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