Top Chef Masters, Week 5: Slow Food at the Drive-Through

Last night's Top Chef Masters was called “Would You Like Fries with That?” ― a full-on low-end episode with the Masters touch.

The Quickfire was dollar-menu style, as the cheftestants had to make an appetizer with a price tag for ingredients that couldn't exceed $1, total. Since an onion cost 48 cents, the challenge proved costly and difficult. Brendan Newman and Rico Gagliano from the Dinner Party Download were the guest judges.

“This is like from the fanciest dollar store in the world,” Newman said.

The challenge winner was a woman who knew how to shave as much as possible from two spears: Naomi's asparagus and bread salad with cherry tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette clocked in at 90-something cents.

The Elimination Challenge was kept under Saran wraps. All the cheftestants knew was that they were to create a main dish and a side for 100 people at a mystery location and the diners would have no utensils. According to Hugh(nibrow) and his pursed lips, “I'm completely in the dark about what this can be, and that scares the poop out of me.”

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