Tracking Down Jewish Food in France

Joan Nathan and Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous

Where: Omnivore Books on Food, 3885a Cesar Chavez (at Church), 282-4712

When: Wed., May 18, 6-7 p.m.

Cost: Free

The rundown: Sure, you had falafel in Paris junior year in college, at that little Jewish place in the Marais that seemed so utterly cool, and you had your first inkling that French food is far more complex and diverse than the beret-baguette caricature you grew up believing. For Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Food in France, cookbook author Joan Nathan researched Jewish traditions in France like a scholar of family history, starting with Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul. Show up and tell her thanks.

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