Trick Dog’s Newest Menu Is a Parody of a Children’s Book

"Rhymes With Trick Dog" is a collaboration with McSweeney's and a deranged romp through a wonderfully diseased mind.

Trick Dog, the Mission’s near-universally well-regarded cocktail bar, has just released the latest in a long string of themed menus. The 16-page companion text is a partnership with McSweeney’s, and it’s like a demented children’s book. Only instead of grim existentialist parodies like We Go to the Gallery, Rhymes With Trick Dog is a little goofier — and the drink recipes even more avant-garde than in the past.

For example, in a somewhat Seussical fashion, the text that accompanies Picnic Snog (Ritz cracker-infused Don Q. Anejo and Banks 5 rums, Amaro Montenegro, marash chili, lime, hors d’oeuvres, served up) reads “Ham and cheese are sure to please / even with nothing on them. / But if the sausage cannot wait, / be sure to use a condiment.”

The Bolshevik Blog (cream cheese-washed Fords gin, Pimm’s, Tio Pepe fino sherry, everything bagel, Kubler absinthe, and smoked sea salt, served on a big ice cube) has a limerick that pertains to Vladimir Lenin’s reading habits, and the Hick Dialogue (Larceny bourbon, ginger-Pinot Noir vermouth, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco cherry liqueur, peanut-butter-jelly-sandwich served up) sounds like out-takes from King of the Hill, while the Last-Picked Demagogue has Unión mezcal, Gustoso charanda, Cocchi Americano, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, coconut, and a grille peach.

There’s also a drink called the Tantric Yule Log, which is hilarious.

The accompanying video, a parody of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood complete with a grandpa cardigan, reveals that the proceeds from Rhymes With Trick Dog go to McSweeney’s and SOMArts — and also that the bar that keeps nailing it time and again has pulled it off one more time. The new cocktails are up and running as of today, July 7.

Trick Dog’s previous menu was Mission Mural themed. Before that, they’ve done riffs on dog calendars, Pantone colors, Chinese takeout menus, staff-favorite records, and the signs of the zodiac.

Trick Dog, 3010 20th St., 415-471-2999 or


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