Triple Down: Taco Bell Has a Fried Chicken Taco Shell

The Naked Chicken Chalupa is coming Jan. 26. It's coming everywhere.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable after all the Trump golden showers revelations, here’s something to clear the air a little. Taco Bell plans to release a taco made with a fried-chicken taco shell. I can’t tell if this is the faux-Mexican chain glomming onto the ever-escalating fried chicken trend, or if it’s corporate spillover from KFC’s Double Down, because both chains are owned by Yum! Brands.

In any case, it’s called the Naked Chicken Chalupa, it tested well in Bakersfield and Kansas City, it costs $2.99, it otherwise contains yet another permutation of the same five ingredients that characterize everything Taco Bell does, and it’ll be available everywhere on Thursday, Jan. 26. That’s a lot cheaper than the Bird, or Momofuku Milk Bar.

The really sad news? San Francisco is losing its Taco Bells and even its KFC/Taco Bells, one by one. There are only nine left in the city, and except for the fancy Taco Bell Cantina in SoMa, none has more than three stars on Yelp.

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