Trivia About Nothing: Super Seinfeld Night at Cafe du Nord

Yes, soup for you. And muffin tops and a big salad. And comedy — this Thursday, June 14.

Cosmo Kramer may have saved someone’s life when he dropped a Junior Mint into an operating theater, cauterizing a fresh suture with cooling, spearmint freshness. It was “something from above,” anyway.

The stakes will be nearly as high this Thursday at 6 p.m. as the Super Seinfeld Trivia Night and Variety Show takes over Cafe du Nord, with plenty of Seinfeldian dishes from Chef August Schuchman of Woodhouse Fish Co. and West of Pecos. Quizmaster Scott Armstrong hosts rounds of trivia that pertain to the show about nothing, from the pantomimed play about a chef that George told NBC executives he created (La Cocina) to what flavor of soup really lit Newman up (jambalaya).

While racking your brain for answers until it’s as if you’d tried to sleep in the neon glow of a Kenny Rogers Roasters sign, you can eat some Baked Fusilli Jerry, a Patty Melt on Marbled Rye, and Elaine’s Big Salad. There will be cocktails, too, hopefully one of which involves duty-free Kahlua. Meanwhile, stand-up comics Aviva Siegel, Drew Harmon, Sam DiSalvo, and Alexandria Love will get you laughing as you compete for Seinfeld swag, concert tickets, and other prizes. (If you want to buy tickets for your team in packs of four or six, you can do that, too.)

You can bring your own Drake’s Coffee Cake, and maybe bring The Drake, too. Just please, whatever you do, don’t thoughtlessly foist any leftover Tops of the Muffin to persons experiencing homelessness. Rebecca De Mornay at the shelter says they’ve never gotten so many complaints. Tickets here.

Super Seinfeld Trivia Night and Variety Show, Thursday, June 14, 6 p.m, Cafe du Nord, 2174 Market St. $8,

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