Truck Stop: Eating All the Surf & Turf At Off the Grid Fort Mason

This season, the Fort Mason edition of Off the Grid is featuring a market exclusive item from many vendors. The items range from the simple and comforting to the exotic and extreme. In this third part of five we attempt to taste all of them–one bite at a time.

There's something quite natural about eating seafood from a truck at this market. Perhaps it's the bay and Pacific within viewing distance, or the boats lined up along the north end of the marina. While the catch at the market isn't necessarily coming from fishermen on those boats, there are some tasty and fresh options to be found.

With Off the Grid Fort Mason edition hosting a special Forth of July edition this week, it's the perfect excuse to give some of these a try.

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Truck Stop: Mainline the Swine at Off the Grid Fort Mason

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