TSK TSK Has a Blue Tropical Cocktail That Is Actually Worth Drinking

As mere placeholders go, TSK / TSK is no half-assed endeavor. A Divisadero bar in the former Ziyab space, it’s appealing to both your inner alcoholic child and to bartenders’ needs to make drinks in a hurry with some boozy slushies. Owners Justin Lew and Ian Scalzo are just making hay out of a liquor license while their real project (Horsefeather) gets itself together, and the very temporary-ness of the bar drew a crowd on Friday. Something about a $10 blue cocktail with a little umbrella called out to me on opening night and, my to my surprise, it was intensely spicy!

[jump] It’s called the Bruise Cruise (tequila, lima, ginger Serrano syrup, and raspberry grenadine) and its electric-blue hue reminded me of the Slush Puppies we used to drink after Little League. If avoiding stained lips from artificial dye is your number one inebriation criterion but you still want something frozen that’s been tumbling around in a translucent barrel all day, there’s a Banana Hammock (rum, pineapple, crème de coconut, Giffard Banana de Brasil, and fino sherry), a Beet Down (gin, strawberry beet puree, lemon, rosemary absinthe whipped cream) and a slightly sexist “Titty Twister,” a mixture of the two whose menu board icon is a finger pinching a couple of hypnotically spiraling boobies.

And if you prefer something a little less, uh, ridiculous, how about a McBain? It’s a Teutonic highball made from Stiegl Radler, Campari, and salted grapefruit that’s presumably named for the Simpsons action hero. I’m surprised there aren’t more cocktails built on the back of that highly refreshing, low-alcohol grapefruit beer — but if a higher ABV is what you’re after, there’s plenty on draft (Allagash White, Calicraft IPA) and in cans (Abita Purple Haze, Maui Coconut Porter).

And Bacon Bacon has the kitchen all to itself, churning out bacon grilled cheese, bacon fried chicken sandwiches, and bacon cookies. So don’t let this opportunity slip by. It’s going to be a shame to lose the name TSK / TSK after only a few months, but you’ll be cursing yourself in much stronger language if you never make it in the door.

TSK / TSK, 528 Divisadero, 415-522-0800.

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