Tuesday Eight: 3 Potato 4 Expands , Elixir Closed Til Friday

Plus barbacco throws and unusual prix-fixe with Italian beers, Jay's Cheesesteak makes a Dodger fan sad, and Chipotle really wants you to love them again.

[jump] Italian-Beer-Paired Menu at Barbacco Next Week
From Monday, March 28 through Saturday, April 2, there will be a four-course prix fixe at barbacco (220 California), with Italian beers — when do you ever see those? — including a sour, an American-style pale ale, a double bock, and a saison. Tickets are $50, but everything is also available a la carte, including menu items like a fried pig ear salad, a red-ale-marinated short rib alla piastra, and a pizzoccheri with pancetta.

Elixir Closed Through March 25
For the first time in a long time, Elixir (3200 16th St.) is closed for renovations. According to Hoodline, the venue, which has been a bar in some form or another for the past 158 years, needed a little love.

Jay's Cheesesteak Has a “The Dodgers Suck Cheesesteak”
Pro: It's got a hotlink and grilled onions. Con: It made a former Dodgers social media guy sad, via CBS.

3 Potato 4 Wants to Open 50 More
According to Hoodline, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly tater-torium 3 Potato 4 (2800 Leavenworth) is set to open two locations in the Bay Area this year, with plans for up to 50 across the West Coast. (The company is also testing a new crinkle-cut fry.)

Inside Seattle's Chophouse Row
Do you like hitting Pike Place Market when you visit Seattle? (Of course!) But have you been to Chophouse Row, the other foodie hall, in Capitol Hill, which opened last summer? The New York Times takes a look.

Climate Change Might Be Beneficial for French Wine
It's the height of elitism to applaud the “good side” of ecological destruction because it helps a luxury product. This Munchies article pays lip service to that point, but still, there we have it: French wine stands to gain from a 1.5-degree rise in temperatures.

Mars Voluntarily Puts GMO Labels on Candy Wrappers
Since inaction at the federal level seems likely to continue over the long term, Mars has joined the growing number of companies like General Mills and Campbell's that are labeling all products that contain GMOs. According to Fortune, it's partly to comply with Vermont's labeling law, but maybe we can put aside our cynicism just this once and agree that corporate citizenship isn't entirely dead. (Note: Critics of GMO labeling make many good points as well.)

Desperate Chipotle Made a Game With The People Behind Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad
Remember #AvosInSpace, the delightful Super Bowl commercial in which aliens take a quickie tour of Earth culture and determine that Avocados from Mexico are delish? Chipotle, the burrito chain that's been walloped again and again for E. coli contamination, has partnered with them to create Guac Hunter, a “digital photo hunt where users see a series of two images that look similar and have to spot the difference before time runs out.” (I won free chips and guac in like, under two minutes. In other words, you can't lose.)

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