Tuesday Eight: a New Philz, Bon Marche Cooking Classes, and “Mexican Bulldogs”

Lots of food news on this sunny Tuesday, from a new Philz Coffee to some fresh dive bar death certificates to a mildly hilarious protest outside a Manhattan Chick-fil-A to why the Maine coast is suddenly full of lobsters like never before.

[jump] Yet More Coffee in the Castro
As has been planned for at least a year, Philz Coffee moved its Castro location from 18th to Castro streets. It’s way bigger than the former space — which, for all the charm of the ceramic dog outside that got me every time, was still sharing an address with a laundromat. (How far coffee has come!) Now you can ignore Starbucks, Illy, Castro Coffee, 7-11, Hearth, Spike’s, and Reveille to get what you want.
Philz Coffee, 549 Castro St., 415-321-6276.

Learn to Cook at Bon Marche
Starting Saturday, Oct. 24, from 11 a.m. – 2p.m., Bon Marche Brasserie & Bar will host monthly three-hour French cooking classes. The first is Stocks, Sauces, and Soup, with a pre-Thanksgiving Roasting tutorial to follow, and then Gingerbread Decorating (not terribly French, but still fun!) in December, Egg Cookery in January, and a Chocolate Truffles and Beer Pairing in February. Quick: How many mother sauces are there?
Bon Marche, 1355 Market St., 415-802-1700.

Perros de Toro

Apparently, the new cool thing that all the hip kids are into is pouring an upside-down airplane bottle of booze into your beer (or the other way around) so that it flows out as you drink it, water-cooler style. It's called a Mexican Bulldog, and if that name triggers you a little bit, it's because the idea nominally comes from Cancun and isn't because people are, um, free-associating Mexican culture with boozy trashiness. It originated with the Imperial Bulldog pictured up top.

Dive Bar Death Watch
A double-whammy of bad news for lovers of SOMA dive bar named for monosyllabic dudes: Hoodline caught word that Zeke’s (600 Third St.) is closing this Saturday (Oct. 10) while Dave’s is being taken over by Future Bars, who own nearby bar Local Edition and next-door liquor store Cask (along with the more famous Bourbon & Branch), around the first of the year.

Cheap Eats
Here’s some good news for low-income Berkeley residents. A proposed Grocery Outlet got scrapped by a residential development on University Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets, but according to Socketsite, it’s back.

The House That Ruth Built
The Chronicle scored an interview with food critic Ruth Reichl, who opens up about her cookbook-memoir on the last days of Gourmet magazine, her poetic tweeting style, and the time she got a free steak sandwich at Newart Airport.

Overpopulation in the Briny Deep
Ever wonder why lobster, the king of crustaceans (king crab excepted) is now being served in the Westfield mall food court? It turns out that Northern New England is in the midst of a lobster boom, an anomaly as most ocean fisheries face perilous depletion. According to Quartz, Maine lobster now accounts for about 85 percent of all lobsters consumed in the U.S., and the 2014 haul was six times what fishermen caught 30 years earlier. No one really knows why.

Liberal-Conservative Food Fight
Because Chick-fil-A is the liberal equivalent of rainbow Oreos — a mainstream food that’s more of a tribally based cultural signifier than an actual foodstuff — the protests outside Manhattan’s first Chick-fil-A took on heavy overtones. As Gawker reports (with lots of pics), it was queer(-ish) vegans versus evangelical Christians, and apolitical people who just wanted lunch were caught in between.

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