Tuesday Eight: The Soiled Dove Brings Circus-Infused Dinner Theater to Alameda

Plus Sam Jordan's Bar & Grill gets a TV makeover, Anchor releases its Brandy-Barrel Aged Stout, and the 
Republican Party had a vigorous debate on whether or not working people who don't earn enough to feed their families should be allowed to have an Oreo.

[jump] Mason Pacific Re-Opens Thursday
After a four-month renovation following a fire, Mason Pacific (1358 Mason) reopens Thursday, July 14, with a brand-new chef. As we noted in May, Max Mckinnon was brought in from Vermont to create a new menu to go along with the wine-forward vibe. (The wine, and the general decor, appear to be much the same.) It's always heartwarming to see a restaurant return full of optimism after disaster strikes and the recovery takes longer than expected, and we wish Mason Pacific's team all the best.

The Soiled Dove Returns to Alameda Point July 15-16
Set in a 12,000-square-foot circus tent that's made to look like the Barbary Coast circa 1890, circus-like dinner theater explosion The Soiled Dove will return to Alameda Point this Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16 at 7:30 p.m. Staged by the Vau de Vire Society and people involved with the Lagunitas Beer Circus, New Bohemia NYE, and the Edwardian Ball, it includes 40 performers and musicians, with lots of aerialists and cameos, plus a four-course dinner put together by Work of Art. Tickets are $45-$120.

Orbit Room Launches Breakfast
There are a couple of places in this town where you can get a drink at 6 a.m. — something which caters as much to third-shift hospital workers as much as inveterate drunks — but it's always nice to see bars enter the domain of breakfast food. The somewhat recently reopened Orbit Room (1900 Market) has created a breakfast pizza topped with fried eggs, bacon, spicy sausage, cheese, and tater tots, along with a Weekenders Quiche made with a hash-brown crust and rotating fillings. (Each is available on weekends.) Additionally, there's yogurt, and a full suite of coffee beverages from Roast, all available weekdays from 7 a.m. – 1 p.m. and on weekends from noon onward.

Sam Jordan's Bar & Grill Gets a Bar Makeover Courtesy of Spike TV
Four years after writing to Spike TV's Bar Makeover, Sam Jordan's Bar & Grill (4004 Third St.) finally got a 10-day renovation over the Fourth of July weekend. Hoodline reports that Jordan, a boxer and community activist who was the first African-American to run for mayor of S.F., opened the bar in 1959 but it languished after his death in 2003. The reno emphasized its history, added TVs and new menu items, and blacked out some mirrors that were seemingly only good for selfies. No word yet on when the episode airs.

Humphry Slocombe's Peaches & Popcorn (PNP) Ice Cream 
Nomi Malone asked for a burger, fries, and a soda, and got brown rice, vegetables, and an Evian, but that won't happen to you. Tied in with Peaches Christ's SHOWGIRLS! The Musical!, Humphry Slocombe has created Peaches and Popcorn (PNP), a buttered-popcorn flavor that'll be available at H.S.'s locations at 2790 Harrison St. and in the Ferry Building for the entire month of August.

Anchor Brewing Throws a Party for Its Latest Release
For the July 19 release of its 9.7 percent ABV Brandy-Barrel Aged Stout, Anchor Brewing will host a free-with-RSVP event at its brewery (1705 Mariposa). Attendees will get to taste the beer alongside Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout plus several other Anchor beers, get a brewery tour, and meet the brewers. It has notes of “very ripe apples, cherries, and chocolate malt, with a hint of oak and smokiness,” and you'll be able to buy two magnums of it.

Urban Remedy Is Coming (to the East Bay, to Start)
Eater reports that Urban Remedy, the five-location chain that specializes in juices, salads, Chinese herbs, and more, will enter the Bay Area in a big way, starting with locations in Lafayette and Walnut Creek this August, before moving into Oakland, S.F., and the South Bay.

Republicans Debate What SNAP Can Be Used For
In a sort of how-many-angels-can-dance-on-the-head-of-a-pin doctrinal pow-wow over how to stick it to people, the Republican National Committee platform devoted some time yesterday to what Americans who use the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) should be allowed to buy, because nothing makes comfortable misers happy like making sure children never get a cookie. But some Republicans grumbled that the amendment being debated was something Michelle Obama might advocate for. Then, Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns Carl's Jr and Hardee's, spoke against the motion, and the discussion ended.

(Relatedly, can we stop calling SNAP “food stamps”? That's like calling a woman who attends college a “co-ed.” The physical stamps were phased out in the '90s, and public assistance for hungry American has long arrived via Electronic Benefit Transfer cards — or EBT — that use PIN codes and everything.)

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