Tuesday Five: The Urban Epicurean, Sen. Rand Paul Has Soul Food With Larry Wilmore

And some insight into the avocado shortage, the biggest urban farm to hit Detroit, and punks' consumption of cheap beer.

[jump] Epicurean Traders
The former Bizarre Bazaar is now the Urban Epicurean, a festival of locavore-artisanal D.I.Y. foods and crafts coming to Fort Mason this weekend. Beyond workshops (terrarium-making, beer-brewing, backyard gardening, a kimchi demo) there will be some 200 vendors from across the Bay Area. Consider it the first gift show of the holiday season and get all the good stuff first!
Urban Epicurean, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7-8, 11:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., at the Fort Mason Center.

Avocado Shortage
It's been upon us for awhile now, but The Guardian has everything to know about the imminent shortage of alligator pears. Basically, demand is insatiable, the Chinese are only starting to learn about them, and production is down almost everywhere. Blame savvy marketing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Larry Wilmore sat down for a Soul Food Sitdown with Kentucky's junior senator, Rand Paul. He's flailing in the polls 90 days before the Iowa caucuses, so like many of the other second-tier candidates, it's time for Paul to say some weird shit to draw attention to himself. He and Wilmore play a little game of the dozens, but otherwise it's pretty uncomfortable. Rand Paul says he's been accused of having a Jheri Curl, but also doesn't know what it is.

Detroit Farm City
Once the fourth-largest U.S. city, Detroit has been hemorrhaging people for decades. (It's now the same size as El Paso.) To put all that newly freed-up land to use, the city has turned to urban agriculture, and according to Modern Farmer, Recovery Park is set to become a 60-acre working farm in the spring, making it Detroit's biggest.

PBR and Punks
VICE asks the crucial question: How much PBR do punks at Gainesville's Fest burn through?

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