Tuesday Nine: Bar Tartine Spinoff Motze Finds a Home

Plus Canela celebrates Halloween, S.F. ranks first in the number of coffee shops (duh), and Cowgirl Creamery slices into a 220-lb. wheel of Emmenthaler.

Motze Will Take Over the Herbivore Space (For 18 Months)

Tablehopper reports that Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine have found a home for Motze, their new project, and it will be the Herbivore space at 983 Valencia. The lease is short for a self-funded endeavor, running just a year-and-a-half, and based on the Japanese-heavy interim pop-up on Mondays at Bar Tartine, there will be small bites like cucumbers with flageolet bean miso and yogurt, and chicken fat dumplings with egg and shiso. Tablehopper says it should open within the month.

It’s Canela-Ween

Chef Mat Schuster of Canela Bistro & Wine Bar (2272 Market) wants to celebrate Halloween by dressing up as a giant arachnid and pelting you with fistfuls of Neccos. OK, no, but he’s readying a four-course, $49 prix fixe for Halloween weekend (Friday-Sunday, Oct. 28-30) that includes croquetas of pumpkin, calamares en su tinta, costillas de cerdo en sidra (that is, braised pork ribs with potato al gratin), and a dessert trio, as well as a low-proof “spooky” cocktail. These items will be available a la carte, too. And back to that arachnid thing, having eight hairy arms will allow to consume all four courses at once, but in all seriousness, if you show up in costume, you get a free Chef’s Pincho.

Mina Test Kitchen Moves to Concept No. 5: Postcards From La Costiera

On Nov. 4, International Smoke, the current formulation of Mina Test Kitchen (2120 Chestnut) will end. Eight days later, on Nov. 12, Postcards from La Costiera will pick up. Adam Sobel’s $59 menu of five courses — some family-style, some portioned individually — will include antipasti, seafood, pasta, and more, with a section devoted to caviar and mozzarella.

Barbacco Launches Very Affordable Monthly Pasta Series

Next Monday, Oct. 17 is National Pasta Day, and barbacco (220 California) is using it as a good excuse to launch a $35, five-course menu of two appetizers, three pastas served tableside, and a glass of Nero d’Avola. The first round includes butternut squash ratatuja, ziti, and orecchiette, and follow-ups will take place on Nov. 15 and Dec. 13. This is the very definition of a steal.

Cowgirl Creamery Cuts the (Ceremonial) Cheese

This Thursday, Oct. 13, at 4:30 p.m., Cowgirl Creamery will slice into a 220-pound wheel of Emmenthaler at their Ferry Building cheese shop. There will be drinks, including a pairing from Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, along with special-guest cheesemonger Joe Salonia of Gourmino Swiss Cheeses.

21st Amendment Wins Gold at Great American Beer Fest

San Leandro-brewed, San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewery‘s Mexican lager, El Sully, won a gold medal in American-Style Cream Ale at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver over the weekend. Congrats, guys.

No Surprise Here: San Francisco Is No. 1 in Coffee and Tea Shops Per Capita

I try to resist these surveys, and I usually can, but this one has some good stuff that doesn’t feel utterly counterintuitive. Of the top 75 U.S. cities, Wallethub ranks San Francisco first in number of gourmet specialty-food stores per capita, number of craft breweries and wineries per capita, and number of coffee and tea shops per capita. We’re also third in number of full-service restaurants to fast-food places, 16th in number of restaurants overall per capita, 19th in the number of grocery stores per capita, and sadly, 39th in the number of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops. I refuse to deduce that we need more fro-yo, but I wish the new Ice Cream Bar on Castro Street godspeed.

Is Taco Bell Really the Healthiest Fast Food Chain?

The Food Beast makes a good (if brief) case for Taco Bell‘s stealth virtues, noting cage-free eggs, reduced sodium content, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, plus the ability to customize your order.

Ben and Jerry Get Serious About Racism

Everyone’s favorite left-of-center Vermont ice cream makers wrote a seven-point blog post on systemic racism in the U.S. noting racial discrepancies in wealth, education, the criminal justice system, housing, and other facets of life in America. Worth a retweet to your cousin’s Trump-supporting ex-boyfriend, yes, but definitely worth a read.

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