Tuesday Nine: Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio Opens Tonight, Mister Jiu's Opens in March

Plus there is another cafe in the Castro, Tom Colicchio weighs in on frankenfish, the OED adds some food words, and Yahoo had quite the decadent holiday soiree.

[jump] Artís Coffee
Like Donald Trump's resilient poll numbers, we should probably stop being surprised when another cafe opens in the Castro. Artís Coffee is the latest, and it has some aspects that other coffee houses do not have. Namely, there is ample seating to watch the eye candy pass by along Castro Street, but arguably more importantly, the roasting is done in-house, in two machines up front that sound like popcorn poppers minus the popping. Depending on your point of view, one or both will be mesmerizing. Artis is open now, but according to Hoodline, the grand opening is this Saturday, Dec. 19.
Artis Coffee, 506 Castro, artiscoffee.com.

Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio Opens Tonight
According to Inside Scoop's Sarah Fritsche, Civic Center bar Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio will open this evening. A project from the maven behind Maven, it's going to have lots of free jazz (in the sense of no-cover jazz, but that does not preclude the possibility of experimental jazz), $12 cocktails, and bar bites like smashed potatoes and kale crisps.
Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio, 39 Fell, mrtipplessf.com.

Mister Jiu's Aims for March Opening
Eater's Stephanie Tuder found that Brandon Jew's long-anticipated Chinatown restaurant Mister Jiu's should be open by late winter, although there remains a lot to do. (He needs $200,000 to finish the build-out.) While the final menu hasn't been revealed, it looks like a complex beast, with dishes organized by eight styles.

Star Wars “TIE-in” Cocktail at Myriad
No, it's not a super-secret screening of The Force Awakens. But Myriad Gastro Pub has a TIE Fighter Myriad Mai Tai (soju, house-made orgeat, lime juice orange wine, and guava, $10) aimed at people who see the new Star Wars film at Alamo Drafthouse across the street. If you present a ticket stub with your order, you can get a free basket of popped elote, too.
Myriad Gastro Pub, 2491 Mission, 415-525-4335 or myriadsf.com.

Tom Colicchio wonders in the New York Times whether we're all eating GMO fish and don't realize it. However you feel about the legitimacy of the science behind genetically modified food, he makes a good point: “The idea that I would try to hide what’s in my food from my customers offends everything I believe in. It’s also really bad for business.”

Yahoo's Holiday Party

Yahoo is a beleaguered company, but that didn't stop it from having an (allegedly) $7 million holiday bash, as Quartz reported. The theme was Roaring 20s, and there sure was a lot of Champagne.

A Can Shortage Is Upon Us
How cool is canned craft beer? Cool enough that we're running out of cans. As the New York Times reports, “even though glass bottles still hold more cachet among craft brewers, funky, unique can designs became a popular way to court the young hip beer enthusiasts that have helped to lift sales of niche local brews.”

The OED Has Added Some Food Words
Cuisinomane (the French term for “foodie”), piecaken, beer o'clock, and hangry were all added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year, according to the New York Times. (Apparently, the necessary evil that is the word “foodie” has been banished by a Midwestern university that likes to be over things.)

Pizza Hut Has an Instagram, And It Is Trying Very Hard
Salon digs deep into the often-depressing world of corporate social media to find that Pizza Hut's Instagram is getting really desperate to make the brand cool among millennials. I don't know about you, but I usually order shitty pizza and take it deep into the Vermont woods to eat it creekside among some fall foliage, so whatevs, Salon. (Pizza Hut has 527,000 followers, by the way.)

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