Tuesday Seven: Michelin Stars and Rainbow Sprinkles


Michelin Stars!

From Los Gatos to Healdsburg, the San Francisco Bay Area made off with quite the haul this year, as Michelin announced the winners of its mystery-shrouded etoiles. Overall, 54 restaurants have at least one star, up from 50 last year. Quince tops the pile as the only restaurant to go from two to three, joining Benu, The French Laundry, The Restaurant at Meadowood, Manresa, and Saison at the apex. One notch down, Lazy Bear went from one to two, joining a club that contains only six other members in the region. The Progress, Mosu, Ju-Ni, Hashiri and Mister Jiu’s all gained their first star (as did Menlo Park’s Madera and San Jose’s Adaga). Seven newbies and a total going from 50 to 54 would indicate that three restaurants dropped off the list, and in two cases (All Spice and Ame) it’s because the restaurant closed. The only extant Bay Area restaurant to fall off was Kusakabe.

Bernal Heights Pinkie’s Bakery Closing, Too

A month after the SoMa location of Pinkie’s Bakery (and adjacent diner Citizen’s Band) closed, Bernalwood reports that the location at 833 Cortland Avenue will shut down this Friday. Owner Cheryl Storms called the double whammy “pretty devastating,” noting that the business was profitable. “It’s a total bummer that our failure with the Folsom location is so deep that it is affecting the Bernal bakery so much that we can no longer stay in business,” she wrote.

In Praise of Rainbow Sprinkles, aka Funfetti, aka Jimmies, aka Unicorn Food

The phrasing “did not align with Ms. Nelson’s vision for ‘elevated’ cupcakes” raises my eyebrow for sure, but from Amy Sedaris to Dunkaroos, it appears that rainbow sprinkles make everybody happy. Sad fact: Dunkaroos are no longer sold in the U.S.

Din Is Done

When hackers took down wide swaths of the internet last week, they focused their ire on Dyn. Now Eater reports that Din, the recipe delivery service originally known as Forage, has shut down for want of a buyer. “While we had achieved profitability on a unit-economic basis, our scale didn’t adequately offset the total operational overhead of our team,” one co-owner said.

Why Farm-to-Bottle Beer Is Good for the Environment

“Brewers across the country have begun integrating beer production into larger, self-sufficient ecosystems on working farms, and by doing so, are taking greater control of the brewing process from start to finish. This wave of farm-to-bottle brewing isn’t just great for the environment — it’s great for beer connoisseurs, too.” So writes Salon, emphasizing how the way a farmhouse ale yokes farm with brewery is one of the best forms of agricultural synergy out there.

Self-Driving Beer Truck Gets on the Interstate With 50,000 Cans of Bud

In a possible homage to the Starship Enterprise, the self-driving beer truck has a button marked “engage,” and Wired notes that the introduction of this technology into everyday life will likely happen with trucks before cars.

3D-Printed Food Advances

A “$2,499 printer has three capsules that can be filled with the ingredients for printing complete and ready-to-bake cookies, pizza, meat pies or scones from digital files in 10 to 12 minutes,” The New York Times reports, noting that the technology allows “tailored nutrition” for people with dietary restrictions, although the general public’s willingness to tolerate printed food may have limits.

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