Tuesday: The Future of The Stud in Doubt

Plus we learn more details about Nomica, the forthcoming restaurant from the team behind Sushi Ran, and Chipotle becomes the Leland Yee of fast food chains.

[jump] The Stud Is Closing
On Sunday evening, Michael McElhaney, the owner of 50-year-old gay bar The Stud (399 Ninth St.) convened a community meeting where he disclosed that the building had been sold and the rent tripled, and everybody has two months to figure it out. (He is also pulling out of the business to move back to Hawaii to care for his elderly mother.) The announcement that yet another gay bar is going to gay bar heaven would almost be humdrum, except that The Stud is a vital performance space pretty much every single weekend, for Some Thing and other parties. It's been in its current space since 1987, having been where Holy Cow is prior to that.

48 Hills' Marke B. wrote a thorough summary that includes some hopeful stirrings from several supervisors' offices, but there have been developments since then, namely the creation of a Facebook group that already has 500-plus members. Keep an eye on this one, because San Francisco's LGBT community won't let the Stud disappear without fighting hard.

Lastly, it's not a bar, but Alchemy, a dungeon at 1060 Folsom that is also a crucial space for what remains of SoMa's long leather and BDSM tradition, announced that it will be shutting down later this year.

Fresh Details on Nomica, Sushi Ran's Castro Project
Eight months after the owners of Sausalito's Sushi Ran announced that their modern Japanese restaurant in the not-especially-lucky space at 2223 Market Street in the Castro that was most recently Pesce would be called Nomica, we have more details on the project. Bringing together peeps from stories restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, Quince, and Coi, its name derives from the Japanese word for “drinking house” as well as for three neighborhoods (Noe Valley, the Mission, and the Castro). Chef Hiroo Nagahara — who worked at Charlie Trotter in Chicago as well as The Chairman here in S.F. — is working on a menu that won't be out of place in casual atmosphere, and which includes house-made organic matcha butter and a dish of Hokkaido koji and pickled Japanese apricot “anchovy.” And there will be Awamori spirits from Okinawa in a space that holds 80 plus another 20 at the bar.

Finnegans Wake Gets a Remodel
“No one wants to go to a Jewish bar,” Finnegans Wake (937 Cole) owner Tom Frenkel told Hoodline by way of explanation for the Cole Valley bar's origins. (Frenkel also own's Potrero Hill's Blooms Saloon, which solved that dilemma by paying homage to a Jewish literary character by an Irish author.) The 40-year-old bar's renovation seems pretty minor as such things go — the removal of a drop ceiling, exposing a skylight — but it's a charming read.

McDonald's Jumps on the Sriracha Train
“McDonald’s isn’t the first fast-food chain to co-opt jalapeño-garlic-sugar fire, but their adoption (and their verbiage … “Awesome sauce?”) feels a bit like when your parents first began using emojis: a little part of the cool died,” says Salon. But it's true: Mickey D's continues to adapt.

Chipotle Exec Busted in Coke Ring
If nothing else, McDonald's is probably really happy they cut ties with Chipotle, which is turning into the Leland Yee of fast food. The New York Times reports that the company, still reeling over that nasty E. coli problem, now has to deal with its Chief Creative and Development Officer, Mark Crumpacker, being charged with drug possession and involvement in a cocaine delivery ring that worked out of Duane Reades and Chinese restaurants.

Joey Chestnut Sets New Record at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 
Joey “Jaws” Chestnut prevented Matt “The Megatoad” Stonie from winning his ninth consecutive title yesterday in Coney Island, by consuming 70 hot dogs and buns, far more than Stonie's 53, and a new record for the contest. (If you're on Team Stonie, don't despair: He ate 73 1/2 a few weeks ago.) 

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