Twelve Reasons Why We're Staying in San Francisco

We love San Francisco; that's why we're here. I have visited more than 50 countries and lived in four; I could live almost anywhere, and I choose here.

It's a shame that all of San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte's friends, family members, and colleagues hate the place. We were saddened but not shocked by his column this week, in which he wrote:

It's not just white flight, either. The black population in San Francisco has declined sharply in the past few years, and for the same reasons: crime, traffic, schools, summer fog, that bracing sniff of urine in the morning on the steps at the Powell Street subway station.

White people are leaving, black people are leaving. What other kind of people are there in the Chronicle's worldview? Nolte's still here but even he doesn't know why.

We didn't plan to beat up on the Chronicle two days in a row, but Nolte's piece is a poke in the eye of those of us who love this city. Nolte may not know why he's here, but we know why we are.

1) The food! This is a no-brainer. We know the Chronicle hasn't discovered street food, but even without it, this place is a foodie paradise: great California produce at our many farmers' markets, locally made goodies at Bi-Rite and the Ferry Plaza. And did we mention restaurants? That could be a point by itself.

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