Twenty-Five Lusk Serves 6-Course Champagne/Strawberry Menu

SFoodie is willing to put ourselves on the line for you. So when we heard Twenty-Five Lusk is offering a 6-course Champagne and strawberry themed menu for $90 — $60 food, $30 wine pairings — through Blackboard Eats, we ran over to throw ourselves on that grenade.

Wine pairing is easy with sparkling wine, which goes with almost anything. That's good for this menu, because fresh strawberries — and most fresh fruits — are a challenge for wine. You generally need the wine to be sweeter than whatever you're drinking it with. A dish of fresh strawberries would make the world's best Cabernets taste sour. Try it.

Fortunately, because of the way they're made, almost all bubblies have a little residual sugar, sometimes below the level of perception, but enough to keep their flavor from being ruined by slightly sweet foods.

Thus while sparkling wine isn't usually our first choice with oysters, when Twenty-Five Lusk starts the meal with three oysters with a strawberry verbena Champagne mignonette, we're happy to have a glass of bubbly.

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