Tyler Florence's New Recipe: Wine

If you're a writer trying to land a book deal, there's a good chance you'll learn you need “a platform.” That's publisher-speak for a following via Web, Twitter, TV, radio, or whatever. The more well known you are to start, the more likely a publisher will be to invest itself in making you better known.

The same holds true for new consumer brands, including wine.

Tyler Florence certainly has a platform, and now he has a wine as well. It might be more accurate to say he has a blend, or recipe if you prefer the parallel to his day job. “I love experimenting with different ingredients,” says Florence. “Turns out its one of my favorite things about wine-making too.” Now those wines are in bottle and market.

Celebrity brand wines can be excellent, but you can't expect the celebrity to get too involved in the nitty gritty of growing grapes and making varietals. Instead, they tend to step in at the point of blending to determine the final outcome and flavor profile of the wine they had experts create.

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