Update: Anthony's Cookies Temporarily Closed

Brown paper covered the windows of Anthony's Cookies on Valencia and 25th late last week. The sign on the door reads:

Due to an unforeseen delay with our construction, we will temporarily be closed until further notice. We sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience during this time.

The outgoing voicemail message recommends we follow Anthony's Twitter feed for updates, but so far, no news. SFoodie has a phone call out to owner Anthony Lucas, and we'll let you know when we learn more.

UPDATE: Just spoke to Lucas, who said the problem was due to some minor plumbing repairs. The work's done, and now he's just waiting for it to get approved. “I'll be opened up early this week. It's definitely not a permanent thing,” he says. If you're feeling all twitched-up and sweaty from the lack of Anthony's toffee cookies, you can still find his products at Rainbow Grocery, Four Barrel Coffee, and the Mixt Greens markets downtown (where they buy the dough from Lucas and bake the cookies on site). Lucas says that you soon should be able to find them at Atlas Cafe on 20th and Alabama, too. 

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