UPDATED: Alamo Drafthouse Will Open Dec. 17, Just in Time for Star Wars

UPDATED, 4:30 p.m.: According to representatives from Alamo, tickets go on sale tonight: “Keep watching the site or Twitter as the timing isn't set in stone.”

I can't be alone in being pretty disappointed by the new Star Wars VII trailer. (It's not even a minute long, it's approximately 40 percent Star Wars and 60 percent promo for Monday Night Football, and it didn't elaborate on the crypto-Death Star that was revealed in the film poster last week.) But what makes me happier is the news that the Alamo Drafthouse will open on Thursday, Dec. 17, just in time for The Force Awakens

[jump] As a former Austin resident, I can say without reservation that Alamo Drafthouse is one of the best things about Texas's blue oasis of culture and liberalism. They had a no-texting policy before that was even cool! I know that units in the building next door to the New Mission Theater were going for like $7,499/month before techies bought 90 percent of the building. And I know that, Monster in the Mission notwithstanding, this block auditioning for Gentrification Ground Zero. But I don't care, because Star Wars. The Drafthouse, a restored 1920s theater whose projection booth has been quiet since the spring of 1993, is molto exciting.

Tickets go on sale at some time tonight. (Like the Sundance Kabuki, seats are assigned, so it's best to get them in advance.) Alamo is offering four tiers: a straight ticket, a ticket plus a collector's edition magazine (an extra $5), a ticket plus a Mondo pint glass (an extra $10), or a ticket with both the magazine and the pint glass (an extra $15). Rumors that one of the pint glasses came from the Mos Eisley cantina and contains some of Greedo's backwash are unfounded.

But Alamo will have a full bar, and it's really into screening rare clips of things before the! As a business that's targeted to massage the pleasure centers of both the superfan and foodie brains, it's basically the most exciting opening of 2015. Christmas is coming early, younglings.

Alamo Drafthouse, opens Thursday, Dec. 17, 2550 Mission St.

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