Updated: Bevan Dufty Will Be Deciding Vote on Happy Meal Toy Ban Tomorrow

UPDATE: Well, Supervisor Bevan Dufty will have a few more weeks to mull over his decision– the vote has been delayed until November 2.

From our sister blog, The Snitch, comes the latest update in the ongoing saga of the Happy Meal Toy Ban. For those not in the know, supervisor Eric Mar introduced a measure that, if approved, would prevent McDonald's locations in San Francisco from distributing toys with Happy Meals, with the reasoning that it would prevent the waistbands of the kiddie crowd from expanding further. According to Snitch editor Joe Eskenazi, the fate of the Happy Meal Toy rests on the shoulders of one man:

With the city's contentious “Happy Meal legislation” up for a vote tomorrow, Bevan Dufty, the city's least contentious supervisor, finds himself a popular man.

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