Vegan Eggs, Ethical Meat, and a Cupcake ATM!

Hey guys! March 20 was Meatout. I refrained from eating meat. Best holiday ever. 

The UN's World Water Day was this week, too! Second coolest holiday of the week. Since this year's theme was food security, people actually talked about how meat is a nightmare for water conservation! It's a new World Water Day tradition! even has this fun interactive plate you can play with. I don't know why it's fun, but admit it, it's a good time. Seriously, if they want the U.S. to listen to their message, they're going to have to dump these communist “litres.” Totally pinko.

Starbucks opened their first juicebar this week! Evolution Fresh is set to be a big, bad juice chain — with plenty of vegan options! Sounds good to me. Grist is worried it's going close the door on small juice businesses. On the other hand, Starbucks is the largest buyer of Certified Fair Trade coffee in North America, openly supports gay marriage, and supposedly treats employees very well. On the other other hand, they can't spell “vegetables.” 

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