Veggie Burgers Elevate, Charcuterie Loses the Meat, Baloney Stays Shady!

SFoodie's roundup of tips, news, and rants from the week in animal-free eats.

• Hey! AOL's City's Best interviewed me and I reveal things like my favorite snacks! Since I'm so fascinating, you will probably want to read this/tell me to go to hell. Whatevs!

This song debunks vegan myths really adorably. You should listen to it and then call me and we can sing along. When we're done with that, let's go to the Mint, because you HAVE to see me rap/sing Nelly's “Hot in Here.” It really does get hot in there.

The American Prospect has a powerful article on how Tyson not only abuses the shit out of its chickens, but also their immigrant farm workers. Twenty-first century sharecropping, y'all! Tyson, not giving a shit about animals ― including humans! ― since FUCKING FOREVER.

• The New York Times brings it with an article about how the veggie burger is elevating to more of an art form, and less of a boring-ass backup plan for desperate vegetarians.

OCD Sweets (whose caramels are very delicious, as SFoodie's own Tamara Palmer has reported!) is selling special “compassionate caramels,” which are infused with fresh lavender and sprinkled with lavender dust. So fancy! So delicious! The caramels were created to honor a close friend who recently lost her battle with breast cancer. They're $5 for “two honkin' ounces,” and 100 percent of the sales will go to Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services. Good eats for a good cause, is there anything better? Let's gorge! The caramels are available for pickup in central locations in Napa or S.F., or they can ship directly to your mouth. For more info, contact Melodi of OCD.

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