Victory Hall & Parlor: Drinking Our Way to Victory

In the former Cento space on a one-way alley close to the ballpark comes Victory Hall & Parlor, an upscale sports bar in the grand tradition of getting drunk in attractive, neo-vintage spaces. Although not entirely finished, it's fully built out, the kitchen's open, the bar's serving beer and cocktails, and the long communal-ish tables make arguing over sports stats more appealing than usual. And, as a master class in synergy, Victory Hall has partnered with a certain neighbor.

Known for turning frowns upside down after a missed Caltrain and a favorite among people who hope the fried chicken trend will never die, noted Farmerbrown spinoff Little Skillet has expanded into Victory Hall on the weekends — its original to-go window being adjacent — with brunch and bar food. Among all the waffledogs and po'boys come experiments in sticky buns and the like. It is indeed a victory, 'cause everyone's a winner.

Overall, Victory Hall has a type of upscale-saloon grandeur that almost threatens to engulf it if it's only used as a place to watch the Niners on a big-screen. Oddly light-filled in spite of being on the ground floor plus the unaccommodating slant of winter sun, it makes a nice alternative to dark, claustrophobic speakeasies and would actually make a wonderful venue for a wedding. But eight-piece chicken and waffles will do for now.

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