Waterbar Adopted a Peach Tree. So Can You

In the grand tradition of adoption ― highways, children ― Embarcadero restaurant Waterbar has assumed responsibility for a tree, a lovely Elberta peach ensconced at Masumoto Family Farm south of Fresno.

The tree's sweet fruits will play a prominent role on the menu in the coming weeks. Planned dishes include Elberta peach salad with ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms, wild arugula, and truffled honey; and summer melon and pickled peach, served with Serrano ham and Marshall's Farm honey.

If you'd like to adopt your own Elberta, click on the application at the Masumoto website, steel yourself for a serious background scan, ready your $500 check, and be prepared to find something to do with 400 to 500 pounds of peaches.

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