We Got a Kick-Ass Cocktail Recipe for DOSA Valencia's 10th Anniversary Guest Bartender Series

While you’d be a fool to overlook the titular dosas, which are delicious and about the size of a femur, the cocktail list at DOSA is an elegant affair. This bar stocks hibiscus-masala nectar and black-peppercorn-and-vanilla-infused bourbon they way lonely divorced guys keep a stash of microwaveable Trader Joe’s dinners. Even the humble G-and-T comes with house-made fig and cardamom tonic.

So to celebrate their tenth anniversary, DOSA Valencia is handing over the keys to some guest mixologists from notable Bay Area restaurants. They’ll be there in person on the Tuesday of each week, with their specialty elixir otherwise available through the following Saturday, and $2 from each drink will go to Narika, an empowerment program for domestic violence survivors. Additionally, Josh Harris’ Tinsmith will be there for an entire month, April 28-May 30, with 50 percent of sales going to the Bon Vivants Charitable Event Series for youth around the country.

April 7
Trent Simpson (La Urbana). Sunset Ashram: De Leyenda Oaxaca Espedin, lemon juice, ginger syrup, celery bitters, Sunset Ashram cordial layered on top.

April 14
Jonny Raglin (Comstock Saloon). Bowler: Pisco, mango gastique, hellfire bitters.

April 21
Donny Louie (Chino). Mum’s the Word: Bombay East gin, cantaloupe, dosa spice mix, lemon, Lipton tea, togarashi toasted nori.

April 28
Josh Harris (The Bon Vivants, Trick Dog). Tinsmith Punch: Don Q Anejo rum, Ancho Reyes, Luxardo Apricot, lime, Angostura.

May 5
Duggan McDonnell (Cantina). East India Cocktail: Ecanto, pineapple cordial, lime juice, aged rum, orange juice, dash of DOSA housemade bitters.

Who doesn’t love getting intoxicated for a good cause? Give your altruism a practice run with this helpful recipe for the Sunset Ashram.

Sunset Ashram

2 oz De Leyenda Oaxaca Espadin
.75 Fresh Lemon Juice
.75 Purely Simple Ginger Syrup
3 Dashes Truth Celery Bitters
1 oz Sunset Ashram Cordial (layered on top)


Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice. Combine Don Julio, Lemon Juice, and Ginger Syrup in a cocktail shaker and shake. Add 3 dashes of Celery Bitters to glass over ice. Strain cocktail into glass. With separate mini carafe (vile) add Sunset Ashram Cordial. Add celery swirl garnish and straw.

*For a batch of Sunset Ashram Cordial See Below:

Ingredients: All ingredients can be found at the CUESA Ferry Building Farmers Market on Saturday or foraged in the vicinity of San Francisco. 

2 Purple Baby Beets (peeled)
1 Large Gold Beet (peeled)
3 Celery Stalks
2 Carrots
1 oz Masala ground spice blend
5 Sprigs of Mint
8 oz of Ginger
15 Blackberries
1 Pink Grapefruit (peeled)
2 Meyer Lemons (peeled)
1 Valencia Orange (peeled)
6 oz Marshall Farm Bay Area Blend Honey
6 oz Water
2 oz Smoky Mezcal

Preparation: Juice all fruit (preferably with a Breville) and produce, fine strain. Take a saucepan and add juice over medium to low heat. In a separate container combine honey, zest of and Masala ground spice blend and hot water, stir together and slowly add to pan with juice. Keep heat low, be sure not to boil, stir frequently. Continue stirring over low heat and remove any foam that rises to the top, taste for sweetness, if necessary add more honey. Remove from heat and let cool. Add Mezcal to fortify, whisk vigorously. Place in mason jar or container for use in cocktail, makes about 8-10 servings and lasts up to 3-4 days.

DOSA Valencia, 10th Anniversary Guest Bartender Series, April 7 – May 30, 995 Valencia, 642-3672.

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